Minecraft: Tips, tricks, and achievement guide (Xbox 360 Edition)

In GamesBeat’s Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition guide you’ll find information on how to unlock all of the game’s achievements, as well as some extra tips and tricks for making Minecraft your subservient drudge.

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Tolkoto3667d ago

Tip #1: Buy the PC version.

I kid :)... kinda.

marioPSUC3667d ago

I really like the tip for creating the 500m minecart. That Pig achievement one is so hard to get cause of the stupid pigs don't go anywhere near ledges half the time.

xPhearR3dx3667d ago

Read this


Scroll down until you see a post about advice for getting it even easier. I followed it and got the achievement in minutes.

guitarded773667d ago

Can't quit playing Minecrack.

SybaRat3667d ago

Yeah, but where are the tips for how to stop playing Minecraft?

h311rais3r3667d ago

Only reason I got Xbox version is its easier to play with friends then the pc version. And the crafting is easier :/