EA, Insomniac, Don't You Dare Release Overstrike in 2012

It's been almost a full year since the next project from Insomniac Games was made official and it has always been purported to face a 2012 release. With the year half gone, OnlySP argues why it should not see the light of day until 2013.

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Abash3667d ago

We havent heard or seen anything from this game since it was announced. How would it be able to release this year?

Hoje03083667d ago

We'll probably see it at E3, but a 2012 release date for a new franchise wouldn't be a very good idea. Common sense points to a release sometime early next year to give it a little breathing room. January or February would be good, since Bioshock, God of War and possibly GTA5 will be coming out in spring. Failing that, the dead of summer or early fall, though I hope they don't wait that long.

Soldierone3667d ago

Bioshock was already delayed. Just like every other year, it will come close then all these games will be delayed till early 2013, like always.

I see no reason why it cant come out this year. EA's marketing, plus a team up with Sony for marketing, would make it fine. Heck if it does come out this year I will put another game aside just to get it.

Neo Nugget3666d ago

It can't come out this year if it isn't finished ^

TekoIie3666d ago


Why would Sony help market a game EA is publishing????

HebrewHammer3666d ago

Am I the only one who gets the feeling it will be "meh"

torchic3666d ago

me too. I saw the trailer and I though "oh okay" :/

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3667d ago

I was just thinking about this game the other day. They must be working hard on this. No press about it at all. Almost forgot it existed.

J5Feedback3667d ago

Holy crap, I forgot how excited I was for this when I first saw the trailer.

But yeah, it's not coming out this year. We haven't seen a thing.

dangert123667d ago

Even If It was...nothing stopping him from buying It next year

showtimefolks3667d ago

insomniac are one of the most under rated devs in the business, sony as much as i like them never really advertise their exclusives that much. So whenever this game is released it needs the backing of EA 100%

even though we know so little i just have a feeling this new IP won't be successful sales wise because its just not gonna be that kind of title. but critical appraise it will get

either way i will play it and here is hoping insomniac can hit a home run

xPhearR3dx3666d ago

Meh. Insomniac never really made any games that interest me much aside from Spyro back in the day. Even this game looks very meh. Hopefully my opinion will change when they show much more of it.

TekoIie3666d ago

I have to admit the humour is a bit "meh". Although watching E3 on my Tv and seeing the buddhist monk part (I was barely paying attention) nearly made me shit myself in fear.

I don't think we can predict whether this game will be a success but I am interested to see what was in the trailer incorporated into gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.