Zynga Suing To Keep “Ville” Exclusive

PushStartSelect: "Zynga is suing PyramidVille for the use of “Ville” in the name. Well there is a reason why they should lose. The world of casual games on Facebook and mobile phones is a very dirty and cheap world. Publishers are constantly ripping each other off and suing each other when it happens. When your games are so basic, its going to happen right? Well Zynga has made headlines a lot recently because of their acquisition of the Words With Friends maker, along with some employee comments about their business tactics. Now they are suing the Pyramidville makers for using the word “Ville” in their game title."

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ArmrdChaos3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Maybe someone should make a CourtVille game and make them the enemy.

I do not know where the hell they began to classify these as games. These are nothing more than a series of strung together advertising pages given a collectable mechanism. Most if not all make you rely on trying to get "others" hooked in order to make progress. Nothing more than a pyramid scheme for advertising. I permanently kicked this habit long ago when I saw how they were changing their games to require you to visit them every day. Free your mind people...dump these asshats.

dark-hollow3668d ago

yeah because zynga as world class brand in the casual gaming world, they dont want people to confuse other games to their own high quality stable of games /s

seriously! i bet 90% of casual facebook gamers dont know who the hell is zynga.

yewles13668d ago

Warner and DC should be on alert.

majiebeast3668d ago

This has as much chance of winning as bethesda had with trying to sue for the word scroll. The sooner Zynga is gone the better it is for everyone.

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