Brian Fargo's Wasteland 2 will be powered by the Unity Engine

DSOGaming writes: "Back in March, we informed you about the Kickstarter of Wasteland 2. inXile was considering – back then – using either CryEngine 3 or Unity Engine for their upcoming sequel to the first ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG. And we are happy to report today that Wasteland 2 will be powered by the Unity Engine, an engine that was showcased by the browser-based FPS, Interstellar Marines."

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NYC_Gamer3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Hmm...The Unity Engine hasn't been used for any top quality games just shovelware....

3GenGames3667d ago

It has been used in games that run good but just aren't made good. What it was used in means nothing. Looking at the games it powers, it looks very flexible and a good choice.

nveenio3667d ago

Actually, as someone who has used Unity, I can say that it is pretty clunky from a programming standpoint. UDK would have been a much better choice. It's easier, more powerful, and better streamlined across all platforms.

will_c_753667d ago

Psn gem rochard ran on unity, it played and looked nice, like a lower end unreal engine. The character models had the plastic look that early ps3 games had that ran unreal.

Johnny_Cojones3667d ago

It's important to have realistic expectations of this games visuals. It's not going to look like a AAA title. The budget just isn't there. This is all about gameplay and story. Classic RPG style. Relax, it's going to be good.

Fairchild Channel F3667d ago

It's a top down/iso strategy RPG. It doesn't need super awesome 3d modeling because the camera is never going to pan into anything that close. It will have a style close to or similar to Fallout Tactics. I have every confidence this will be a AAA title regardless of how much money is spent.