Battlefield 3 Double XP Weekend Event for PC Delayed Until May 26th

MP1st - Yesterday, the first Battlefield 3 double XP weekend was announced. Players started earning double XP today at 12:01am PST only on PS3 and Xbox 360, and will continue to do so until Sunday night. Unfortunately, DICE wasn't able to include PC for this event, and has decided to delay it until May 26th.

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john23667d ago

Man, was looking forward to it. Hope it will be worth the wait (damn, that line sounds like "Sony's PS3" ad, lol)

1nsomniac3667d ago

So first they messed up & now its taking them 2 weeks to add a x2 score multiplayer..........WOW!!!

DERKADER3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Lead Platform my ass! Developers and publishers wonder why PC piracy is so rampant. Maybe If they showed at least the same support as they do the console community people might see the value in PC gaming and start paying for that value. Instead the PC community gets poor ports, later release dates, and limited post launch support. Dice, thanks for supporting the community that got you to where you are today.\s

WeskerChildReborned3667d ago

Nah, their will still be people pirate games because they either can't afford one or they don't wanna pay.

WeskerChildReborned3667d ago

Their's 1 reason to play Battlefield 3 today.

sovietsoldier3667d ago

and dice has said it supports all platforms equally, fuck if they do! pc has been getting nothing but the shaft on every aspect of support from dice. things are so bad we still are waiting for a dart patch that should have been weeks ago.

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