Cory Barlog on God of War 2 and 3, Wii, Ninja Gaiden, Too Human

Cory Barlog writes on his blog: "So I felt a bit cheeky today and I thought I would answer your questions in a post Mike. It could be because I hate typing long responses in the comment window as well...but either way here it is in all it's somewhat not so spectacular glory."

From the interview:
- Cory Barlog is going to be doing some work in games as well as in film.
- Games that are character and story centric are the only games that interests he.
- He would love to make a game on Wii.
- He heard that MGS4 costs 70 million.
- He thinks that the Ninja Gaiden games are extremely well made.
- God of War 3 will make the Playstation 3 sweat, "but it will be a mild sweat".

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Nicosia3935d ago

''Just Kidding. I have no clue what they are going to do with Kratos beyond the obvious SPorts, racing, and puzzle game spinoffs. God of Jenga!!!! Sweet!'' HAHAHAhAHAhahahahahah...Funny man!

I hope they stick with cory's story, because he directed GOW2 great. I have to admit i still have to complete it. Also how awsome are the stuff in gow2, just freaking awsome!

jorellpogi3935d ago

GOW series are awesome on PS2. I'm looking forward to GOW3 on PS3.

marinelife93934d ago

Alright! a game that will make PS3 sweat slightly. I can't wait to see what that is going to look like since Uncharted only used around 30% of the power plant.

Naruto3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )


MK_Red3935d ago

Awesome find. While I prefer Jaffe's GOW to Barlog's GOW2, I believe both of them were true masterpieces.
I do agree with him on Ninja Gaiden games. They are insanely well made but too hard specially for many that don't have time to practice and become masters in different games. That's why I prefer God of War to all other similair action adventure games (Though Kratos and super storyline are other important factors).

Nicosia3935d ago

Jaffe's direction was awsome too, but in the later levels i felt that it lacked a little. It was less of ''awsome'' but more of anoying. Still great direction till now in the gow series, i hope the thrid one is a monster.

MK_Red3934d ago

I've got to disagree my friend. While I loved GOW2, it was GOW1 that felt better and awesomer to me. Plus, I just loved the Pandora's Box and the final fight with Ares. Jaffe's direction had some kind of hidden calmness while it channelled hate and madness inside Kratos much better than second one IMO.
Still both games are among the best action titles of all time and true classic. Hopefully GOW3 can live up to this legacy.

Nicosia3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I have to admit i agree about the hidden feeling comment. There was something about the first gow grip, it directly pulled you in. Gow2 i think kinda was less about grip, but more on expanding the story arc. From reading corry's comments, he planned it very bad we can't see it more though :(

vloeistof3935d ago

i need to see gow3 wonder how gaia will look like lol

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