Standard and Premium Editions of Disgaea 4 get big discounts

An online retailer is currently offering substantial discounts for the Standard and Premium Editions of the Playstation 3 exclusive game, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

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Snookies123667d ago

I got the premium edition day one. Though I was kinda disappointed that it didn't come with the soundtrack like the Japanese version did. :\

Also, I would have much rather preferred a Valvatorez figurine lol.

admiralvic3667d ago

I much rather have the figure that was originally pictured (like on this post).

Snookies123667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Not sure what you mean, if you're talking about liking the Fuka figurine that comes with it that's cool. It's just that Fuka was probably the least likable character in the story for me. She was just too typical, and with the sea of quirky and amazing characters and personalities it's hard to find a normal middle school girl interesting. o_o

admiralvic3667d ago

Look at the preview picture on this N4G post. See the box in both pictures? That was the box for the Nendoroid Fuka figure that was included in the Japanese version.

That figure looks like this .

All I am saying is that I rather have this figure (as originally pictured) than the cheap looking figure we got.

Fatty3667d ago

Purchased; looking forward to playing it.

Snookies123667d ago

It's a fantastic game, no doubt... Put in over 150 hours, and still have so much to do lol.

Soldierone3667d ago

This game is awesome, would still be playing it if i wasnt addicted to 3 again on Vita lol