The Wii U Could Face Hardware Limitations Similar to the Wii

With the Wii U being compared to current generations in terms of power, does Nintendo face an issues with the Wii U in a few years?


I have addressed some of the comments that people have left. Feel free to read the update at the end of the piece.

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NYC_Gamer3662d ago

Next month @E3 we shall find out the final specs

GamingPerson3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I think wii will.

decrypt3662d ago

Thats nothing new Consoles always have had hardware limitations.

kikizoo3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Nintendo's consoles even more than others (and especialy sony's one obviously)

"Gamecube had the IBM power pc gekko which dwarfed the competition,"

Lol, like wiiu, n64, the console came long after the competition, nintendo is always late from 2 to 5 years (for portable consoles even more sometime : remember gameboy vs turbo gt)

and for the denial tenboyz always saying the stupid "graphics are not importants, blabla gameplay only count" : yeah, but sony has better hardware and better libray (more and better games)

"Most games on PS3/360 hardly get the 720p mark. "

[email protected] boy...(first don't compare xbox and ps3, second : best graphics tis gen are 720P and perfect framerate, like uncharted, etc and ps3 is abble to make best racing simulation close to 1080, so)

showtimefolks3662d ago

i hope that's not true but nintendo is never known for their tech, but i was hoping they would atleast top ps3/xbox360 by 25% but should have been by over 50%.

I know this will be all great because we will get HD gaming from N but if and when sony/ms out do them within 12-25 months than wii-u will be in same space as wii was.

but i am suerp excited with zelda,mario and animal crossing in HD, call me a sucker for N but i am very interested in wii-u(hopefully they will call it something else)

deno3662d ago

Incorrect. Nintendo had the best hardware up until the wii released. Gamecube had the IBM power pc gekko which dwarfed the competition, and the same can be said about the n64 in it's day.

mcstorm3662d ago

TBH I really don't care about power its all about the games for me and it is the same for a lot of people. Look at past gens. PSX, PS2, and this gen with the Wii. Even handhelds Gameboy DS and now the 3DS all had less power than the other consoles yet all out sold the other more powerful consoles because it has the games people wanted to play.

No matter what Sony Nintendo and Microsoft do with there next gen consoles I will be picking them all up any way just like this gen and all the gens before that because I want to play there exclusives games like Mario, GT, Halo ect

Plus the only way to get the best gaming experience is to have all the consoles.

But if you look at what 3rd party's have been saying they are going to give us games like BF3 ect on the Wii U then I see them looking better than the PS3 and 360 versions anyway and im sure the big N will give us some of the best looking games on there own console just like they have done with Metroid, Mario Galaxy ext but for me its not about how the game looks its how the game plays. Yes the looks can help a game that plays well but if I look at some of the games I still play from past gens you have Halo CE, Super Star Dust (Amiga 32) Cannon fodder, Super Skid Marks, banshee, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart 64 and DD, MGS 1 2 3 and 4 and a lot more are not good looking games by along way but they are still fun to pay even today.

Games have been and always will be about how they make the player feel not how good they look and if you look at the Top 10 best selling games this gen you will find they are not the best looking games of this gen too.

JsonHenry3662d ago

@ Deno, The gamecube was second in power to the first Xbox. But it was more powerful than the PS2.

raytraceme3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

You know how much money it would take for a gpu to destroy the xbox's or ps3's gpu???

$60 and with nintendo's wholesale discount it would likely cost them $30-45 for an amd 6670 or equivalent gpu because of their wholesale purchasing.The 6670 is more than double the power of 360's gpu as well.

Cyb3r3662d ago

I doubt that the WiiU will be less powerful than the PS3 and 360 game developers themselves have been hinting that it is even more powerful than the current gen consoles. Like the developer for Aliens Colonial Marines and other big names in the gaming industry

TheGrimReaper3662d ago

"does Nintendo face an issue with the Wii U in a FEW years?"

Wii was a bit better than Gamecube when it was released.
Wii U is going to be a bit better than PS3/Xbox 360.

It all depends on how much power Sony/MS will give their next consoles. And I don't think PS4 & Xbox "3" will be just equal to Wii U.

dark-hollow3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"Wii U is going to be a bit better than PS3/Xbox 360."

how do you know? seriously how do you know? do you have inside sources that we dont know about? do you work at nintendo? do you have a time machine?

seriously, am sick of this bullshit.

PLEASE am going crazy here from all the crap that has been posted again and again without any solid proof. TELL MEEEEEEEE!!!!

EDIT: and look at the disagrees.
did i say something wrong? isnt logical to wait for the actual specs before saying its "going" to be a little bit more powerful than current consoles? smh..

Nutsack3662d ago

Its logical thinking.

Nintendo uses proven technology like the 360's CPU a bit upgraded and a bit of extra ram. Why?

Because the WiiU can't be a lot more than 250 to 300 bucks. If it would have state of the art new chips, it would rise to 400 to 600 bucks like the 360/PS3 were priced at launched.

Thus: we know the WiiU will use average tech. Certainly because Nintendo said before they took the Wii route, that they don't want to compete in the newest tech anymore. Its too high investment. They want to cash on older tech.

They did that with the Wii. But they did that before that already with the Gameboy which was old hardware when it launched, GBA too, DS too, 3DS gets the living sh!t kicked out of it by PSVitas hardware.

WiiU will just be a tad better to be able to run all ports of current gen games. It won't become lead developing platform as the installed base of the other consoles is much higher, thus it'll have to run the ports well. Thats why they have the extra ram etc, to make sure there are no bottlenecks there.

It'll be just on par or a tad better than the 360/PS3. Mark my words and this post and see when E3 has brought you the final specs.

I do know because Nintendo won't take the risk to have to put a high end console on the market for 400 to 600 bucks, compared to a 200 to 250 bucks PS3 or a 360 + kinect that'll be lower in price and doing about the same. Especially when that WiiU weak one touch controller is so last gen. Where is the multitouch on that?

ozzywazzy3662d ago Show
ChickeyCantor3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


The fact it needs to render 2 buffers and maintain a steady framerate is already proof of it being more powerful than ps3/360. Most games on PS3/360 hardly get the 720p mark.

You are trying too hard.

LOL_WUT3662d ago

@ dark-hollow

Dude you get so worked up over this its funny, besides you don't even know either so just calm down.

TheGrimReaper3661d ago

How do I know?
I don't know!!! It's just what I assume from reading different opinions of well known developers asked about Wii Us power.

I should have added the obligatory IMHO, my bad!
I didn't want to upset anyone by stating what I think is going to happen.

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harrisk9543662d ago

The article is not talking about current gen consoles, but the Orbis/PS4 and Xbox 720 (or whatever they will be called).

dark-hollow3662d ago


i will spam this video till everyone stop posting bullshit about the wii u being LESS powerful than the current consoles.

LX-General-Kaos3662d ago

@ Dark Hallow & Shok

What are you both still doing on this site fighting this fight? We already had this wait until E3 conversation.

You have both fought hard enough, your defensive skills have increased. Everything you say here has been and will be ignored. I believe what you are saying about the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system but nobody else does.

So for the last time. Lets just wait until E3 so we can get some stone cold facts on the subject. Ill be looking forward to hearing from you both next month when it counts.

Rated E For Everyone

ozzywazzy3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

for once I agree with this guy.

mike1up3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Although I respect your statement a great deal, I live by a different creed my friend.

If you are man enough to post, then you should be man enough to defend what you post.

If somebody post something that I feel is idiotic, then I have every right to call them out. Thus, making them feel as stupid as they sound.

Keep fighting the good fight dark-hollow & Shok!

LX-General-Kaos3662d ago

With that said.. I agree with Mr Mike as well

Fight on my good friends. Ill be around to watch the Kaos unfold.

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Dark113662d ago ShowReplies(3)
raymantalk13662d ago

@ dark-hollow

that video is utter rubbish the guy does not know what he is talking about the specs have not been released yet all what he talks about is speculation total guess work.

going by nintendo's previous hardware track record they will more than likely not make it that powerful as they will want to be able to get the hardware as cheap as possible so they can make money and be able to sell it cheaply from day one my guess is it will be close to the 360/ps3 maybe slightly better and once again they will rely on there first party software ie mario zelda ect ect ect and hope that third parties pick it up for there top hard core titles.

ps i think the wii u's controller is too big and cumbersome IMO.

yabhero3662d ago

"going by nintendo's previous hardware track record they will more than likely not make it that powerful"
Let's look at Nintendo history of week home consoles...
Any others? Nope. Not much of a track history. I mean GameCube was more more powerful than PS2, N64 and SNES where most powerful on there generations. Nintendo has a track history of powerful consoles.
also there's no way you could judge the size or feel of controller without playing it...

Biggest3662d ago

Nintendo has always released "weak" consoles. Just because they released them late doesn't mean they're powerful. The SNES eventually fought and beat the Genesis, but that's because the Genesis released at least a year earlier. The N64 showed up 2 years after the Playstation. The GameCube was a year later than the PS2. The track history shows that Nintendo has never worried much about superior tech. They barely moved past the competition that was already established. This generation was even more mind boggling in that while releasing later (the norm for Nintendo) they decided to take steps BACKWARD in tech (compared to the competition). Also. . . You are the only person alive that can't judge size without playing with or touching a thing. I can see size with my eyes and I am not alone in that.

PopRocks3593662d ago


Really? The N64 and the Gamecube were stronger than the respective Playstation consoles of that era. Also the 3DS is actually a very powerful handheld and can have even better looking games if they weren't developed with 3D in mind.

Biggest3662d ago

Read what I wrote again. I agree that they were more powerful. They were also late/early to the party. It's easy to seem more powerful when you show up a year or two later. The recent PS3/360 thing gives a more recent example. Nintendo is always generally behind on the technology front. The same thing applies to their handhelds. The GameBoy never tried to push the technology. The DS systems haven't tried. The 3DS has embraced a more advanced technology so I'll give you that one on the 3D alone. Nintendo doesn't care as much about pushing pixels. That's just how it is.

raymantalk13662d ago


the gamecube may have been slightly more powerful from a technical stand point but because of the disc format that nintendo chose to stay with it failed to show it, not supporting the console with a good storage format was its failing same applies to nintendo vs ps1 only handled textures better it did not produce more polygons as for the wii was only a slight improvement over the gamecube with a different type of control system some would say revolutionary but other than that it was still a weak console from a hardware point of view and as for the wii u we cannot comment on that as we do not know the specs of it yet only rumours.

ps just because i have stated the flaws in the nintendo systems does not mean i dont like the games on them after all nintendo's strong point is there first party games, after all i was only pointing out that nintendo does not make big leaps in hardware only small steps as profits are their main concerns after all why every nintendo fan has to be offended by statements of fact is beyond me.

AdvanceWarsSgt3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Funny how we condemn Nintendo consoles for only being more powerful than the competition due to releasing later, yet you won't do the same when you people talk about the PS3.

The sheer hypocrisy on this site is extremely and really ridiculous.

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Christopher3662d ago

Great video /sarcasm

Does technical spec comparisons on PC cards that are not the same as the ones used in the PS3 or the upcoming Wii U. Not the way to go since just because it's a higher number doesn't mean it will contain better specs than a lower numbered card. Each generation has various levels of cards with their own specs for use in various devices (laptop, pc, console, and various versions of each type).

If the guy is going to complain about not knowing nothing about gaming technology, he should probably use some valid examples in his own rebuttal.

Ck1x3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I have to comment simply because you told me in another post that Nintendo hardly ever gets railroaded articles of doom and gloom on this site! Lol
Well here you go, my proof in hand just for you...
People are in such denial here that when developers after e3 2011 totally came and say that WiiU will wipe the floor with ps3&360, just about everyone here states they must be lying just to sell games! I call that the perfect definition of being delusional, myself.

Christopher3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Where did I say anything against Nintendo? This was about the guy in the video saying that an article from Game.Biz was erroneous and then using horrible data to attempt to prove it. I said absolutely nothing targetted at Nintendo, only the person who made the video.

Ck1x3662d ago

The first part was directed for you and the second part was a very general statement. I never stated that you said anything! I just remembered in another post what you had said and I thought that it was pretty funny for a daily WiiU fail article to rear its ugly head before the ink was even dry on the last one, that's all...

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Shok3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Man devs have come out and stated on record that the Wii U is much more powerful than the PS3 and 360.

Crytek has said it.
Vigil has said it.
Valve has said it.
Gearbox has said it.
Epic has said.
EA has said it.

Why do people insist on deliberately ignoring these developer testimonies? Its hilarious, people actually wish the Wii U will be weak in the hopes that in won't do well. Gamers and journalists make me laugh these days.

Machioto3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Because some of those people including Nintendo seem inconsistent about the wiiu,it was never a definitive yes about it besting sony's or Ms console.

Off topic I've seen your video where said Sony got idea of ssb game from Nintendo,I believe they took was the 4 player template because there was game made by namco called the out foxies that did everything ssb did minus the 4 characters thing.

@dark I remember seeing the video,the computing power is almost 4x of the hd twin but pixel and texture fill rate seems only double the ps3&360.

Nutsack3662d ago

And you believe everyones marketing talk instantly?

Many of those have interest in putting some backup for Nintendo as they have to sell their old engines that run on 360/PS3 to the Wii to sell it once more to 3rd party developers. Like Epic with their Unreal Engine, or Crytek with theirs.

I've heard many devs say a lot about consoles in the past, or games that would get out, also the ports from 360 to PS3. Telling it would be on par or even better, to find out afterwards it wasn't true. Only marketing talk to sell.

Lets say that even if the WiiU is a bit, or even a lot stronger. Do you think that with an installed base on 360 and PS3, both over 60 mln at this moment, around 65 mln to 70 mln each around Christmas, the WiiU will become lead platform for games? DOn't think so mate. The 360 or PS3 will be lead, and the WiiU will get the ports. Simple as that. And as we all know, ports won't be better than the original...

Then in 2013 or early 2014 the 720 and PS4 will launch. And guess what. The devs will have new engines, like Unreal 4, and will want to use the power of the real next gen as lead platform. Again, more watered down ports the WiiU will get. Exactly how the Wii gets the watered down ports right now.

StraightedgeSES3662d ago

"And as we all know, ports won't be better than the original". PC ports are better than Xbox 360 and ps3.

Nutsack3662d ago


Mostly the games are made on PC then.

There are ports that had the 360 as lead developing platform and they look bad on PC. That trend has turned a bit again and most devs focus at PC first and then port it to the consoles.

But no. Ports in general don't get better. A high end PC rig is a whole different story also then some console that will be on par with 360/PS3. It doesn't have the extensive horse power that a high end PC has compared to current gen consoles.

The PS3 was said to be a monster too, with the Cell, having 7 SPU's, over 360's triple core CPU. It was said to get ports that would be better than the 360's original. Never happened. The handfull of games on PS3 that did look better had the PS3 as lead platform.

Go figure!

Ck1x3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

What do these companies have to gain by praising the WiiU? When most didn't even support the Wii at all. If they just wanted to make a quick buck they would have found anything to shovel onto that system, but they didn't. So why would they praise the WiiU unless they actually believe in it! And with what you are trying to use for the ps4 & 720 over WiiU banter. This has already been played to death this Gen with ps3 over the 360. But however people choose to worship in the greatness that is ps3, remember that the target platform for multiplatform games is still the 360. A system that came out a full year before the competition, and sounds strikingly similar to the situation Nintendo finds themselves in at this moment and time...
You guys love reaching for the stars i tell you... For as powerful as anyone has ever quoted the ps3 to be, no game developer has ever come out and stated publicly mind you. That they have the game running on the system at the level of a high end PC! (Well this has been said about WiiU) So I don't know what to tell you besides, put the Mayan calendar away and oh yeah the world isn't flat! Since you're probably in denial about those things as well...

hardcorehippiez3662d ago

no doubt but releasing 5 years later than the ps3/ 360 i would like to think that it should be. However , we are talking about how its going to stand against the ps4 (orbis) and 360 (durango) and in this respect i and most others can see that its going to be the weaker of the generation yet again.

ThePsychoGamer3662d ago

We pretty much know it will be region locked, so at very least that's one limitation they will both share.

Studio-YaMi3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

If that will be the case,I won't buy a WiiU until very late waiting for a good price cut,I mean why should I buy 2 or even 3 versions(US/EU/JP) of the same console just to enjoy MORE GAMES??

That's one of the reasons why I love my PS3 and hate the Wii and the Xbox360 (as consoles,I'm not hating on the games) the PS3 is region free,the PSP was region free and even the PSVita is region free (but has that stupid trick of resetting it and whatever which pisses me off too but at least you can still play non US/EU games with no limitations).

I really hope Nintendo wises up and make the WiiU region free.

Edit :
I do know that movie UMDs(PSP) and Bluray movies(PS3) are still region locked but I bought my console to play games not to watch movies so I don't really care for that.