UGO: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom review

Fans of Phantagram's Kingdom Under Fire series really can't be blamed for not taking to the latest action-RPG entry for the Xbox 360, subtitled Circle of Doom. After all, the franchise - now four games deep - is historically known for its real-time tactical RPG play style, one highlighted by a rather unique presentation which owes as much to KOEI's Warriors series as it does more traditional RTS games.

In Circle of Doom - now developed by BlueSide Studios - the KOEI connection is maintained while the strategy is exchanged for a deeper role-playing mechanic. Sadly, the nearly absent story cannot support the change. Players are left to follow primarily linear paths through beautifully rendered worlds as they kill endless hordes of monsters without ever really understanding what the hell it is they're supposed to be doing.

UGO gives Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom an overall rating of C+. Review by Adam Rosenberg.

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