UGO: The Best Video Game Music of All Time

A videogame's music may not be quite as important as its gameplay, graphics or even sound effects in the grand scheme, but it's tough to deny the staying power of a catchy tune in any medium. The Video Games Live symphonic concert series pays homage to just this fact, revisiting familiar themes from classics old and new. The UGO Symphony Orchestra is currently on extended vacation, so you readers will instead have to make the most of this dream VGL setlist in UGO's look at the Best Video Game Music Ever.

Feature by Adam Rosenberg.

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Quicksilva3928d ago

What about Megaman 2 intro music and DR Wiley stage!!!! and and... what about FF6 theme tune :>

geminibros3928d ago

Mega Man 2, Castlevania/"Vampire Killer," Donkey Kong and MGS were all on the short list.

VirusE3928d ago

No megaman 2, ninja gaiden 1 or ff7???? WTF mate!

propheta3928d ago

This is the sort of list which is made by people who know as much about Videogame music and Music as I do about harvesting cotton.

The examples shown are dull, classic and predictable, and they mirror a very restrict knowledge of games as well, as they either belong to very recent games - Bioshock, Portal, etc - games from a couple of years ago or the classics everyone knows like Kid Icarus, Mario and Zelda.