Tecmo Koei To Reveal New IP At E3

Tecmo Koei is planning to reveal a brand new IP at this year’s E3.

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Andreas-Sword2351d ago

Or maybe a collaboration Warriors game with other developers, for examle like "One Piece: Pirate Warriors".

But, "Ni-Oh" will be also a good game. Now, Ni-Oh is developing by TECMOs "Team Ninja" studio.

Friendly_fiend2351d ago

dead or alive x virtue fighter

Regent_of_the_Mask2350d ago

DOA5 "IS" DOA vs VF. It might as well be seeing as how they got rid of characters from DOA like Ein to add in MORE VF characters that nobody wants along with that stupid power blow mechanic. DOA5 is going to be garbage and I'm surprised they even called it DOA5 since it's nothing like the games. You can magically get pushed into the environment with "power blows" regardless if you're near it or not. The game will flop and I can't wait for it to flop.

Uncharted2Vet2351d ago

Exact thing I was thinking, its been years since we last saw that game

2351d ago
ronin4life2351d ago

Although they have recently stated that they will make more crossover games, this sounds like an entirely new IP. One that has never, ever been hinted at or teased.
Meaning that it might not be ni oh either.(also, what is ni oh?)

Andreas-Sword2351d ago

"Ni-Oh" is a game. Developing be TECMO's Team Ninja-studio.
Here are more information:

Gigawatt252351d ago

I hope its a hack and slash type of game!

will_c_752351d ago

New dynasty warrior type game like Bladestorm but set in an "original" WWII setting where you have to bayonette hordes of nazis