Play Crysis on Your PS3 (Video)

In this video you can see StreamMyGame in action.


"Want to play Crysis on your Playstation 3? With StreamMyGame you can do just that. Install Linux on your PS3 and start streaming PC games…for free.

Seriously though, this is reminiscent of PSP streaming from the PS3, and so begs the question; Could we be playing Crysis on our PSP on the train to work? Streaming from your PC to your PS3 and then to your PSP doesn't sound outlandish."

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LSDARBY3928d ago

Hes got it on like the lowest settings at 800x600 and its really laggy. Pretty pointless if you ask me. Just play it on your PC lol

mighty_douche3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

if you want to play it on your HDTV that bad, buy a long VGA cable or a signal sender, easy.

Streaming has always confused me, i know there are a few case's where it makes sence but normally its pointless. Divx streaming on the PS3 only appeals to me because i can store to its HDD, if i was just streaming id never use it.

Still, once again it goes to show just how versitile the PS3 is compared to its rival.

masterg3928d ago

This is like when Xbox games say they have DVR on their 360, when they stream it from their PC.

Sure it has a little cool factor. But why not just use the PC/Media Center.

Korosuke3928d ago


Imagine that someday near future, you don't have decent PC but there is your buddy who has strong rig. You can play high-demand PC games like Crysis running on your buddy's PC via streaming of the internet :)

Never happens? who knows...

Cynical-Gamerzus3928d ago

Very True point agreed waste of time .
people like this are losers!
Streaming just means lazy to move his PC to living room..
and guess what 800X600 is a joke

Douche3928d ago

So, is anyone taking into account that this is HUGE?!?!?! There is no longer such thing as PC/360 exclusive games!!! If you wanna play Gears on your PS3, you can! If you wanna play BioShock on your PS3, you can! Everything that has and will come out will be able to be played on the PS3, from exclusives to not so exclusives (the PC versions of the "not so exclusives" if I might add...nice!) Thank God Sony was so smart to allow PS3's to be Linux capable. What does this say about the console wars? The only thing a bot can say now is, "Ohh, well, our install base is still better...for the time being." That's the thing though. You gotta look beyond now. The PS3 is future proof. Sony knew it from the beginning. And the dedicated PS3 fans that believed them should be feelin pretty good right about now. And btw Crapbox PleaseFixMe owners, you guys do realize that PS3 owners will get to play content that's exclusive to PC owners, don't ya? Such as...the exclusive extra chapters of Gears? Ouch! And on another note, many PC/360 games come to the PC before the 360, right? Dang, that's hurtful. PS3 fans are in for a big treat. I'm enjoying this a bit too much. PLAY BEYOND...

Cynical-Gamerzus3928d ago

THis is not using your PS3!this is linux streaming,!! this is streaming!
your getting a crappy picture and not using the PS3 except as a -Pardon my analogy-as a big azz media extender box-Thats all.Its for lazy people who dont want to buy a KVM switch.OR are blind and dont care how a HI-def video signal looks..HAHA

THis has nothing to do with PS3 as a system or Cell or RSX etc...
ALl your doing is remote controlling your PC
there are a shiit load of things to do that with besides PS3
This article is goat

Eat it and fart

sloth4urluv3928d ago

your an idiot. This has nothing to do with the PS3, did you even watch the movie? If you want to play those games your going to need a highend PC to run the games, thats going to cost you well over the cost of the PS3,not to mention that streaming the video to the PS3 (or any remote) additionaly taxes the system. Hes only able to run crysis @800x600 and low settings and its still skipping.

Why would I spend the money for a PS3 just to use it as a remote?

Id be more impressed if they emulated the PSP protocol directly from the host PC, that would run alot better than trying to stream high resolution footage.

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macsto3928d ago

Thats cool but uber laggy.

BlackCountryBob3928d ago

That's a great idea but I feel it needs a few evolutions over the next couple of years to make it work properly.

Points for innovation and creativity though.

pp3928d ago

versatile.... not.... laggy very much

blikz3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

yeah that's pretty cool to me but thanks i've already finish it...just play multiplayer...It's awesome....XD

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