Actiontrip Previews Too Human

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"As far as the main campaign goes, players step into the role of a cybernetically enhanced warrior named Baldur, who finds himself in the middle of a chaotic war-torn world. The ongoing conflict is spreading and threatens entire mankind. To cut a long story short, Baldur enters the fray and has to defend humans from an onslaught of powerful war machines. Frequently outnumbered, Baldur has to rely on his skills, which include both melee and ranged attacks.

The action will take place in third-person and your character will be able to wield weapons like handguns, rifles and lasers, for long-ranged combat, in addition to using melee weapons like pole-arms, swords, hammers and such."

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MrSwede3931d ago

Q1 release? Has that been confirmed?

ThaGeNeCySt3931d ago

naw, i doubt it makes a Q1 release... the only thing that's been "confirmed" is a 2008 release and a demo being released a month or 2 before the actual game releases.

MrSwede3931d ago

Yeah I heard that too. If they are to release a demo one or two months before and it's a Q1 release they have to hurry :)

mighty_douche3931d ago

Hope this game lives up to everyones expectations! you guys have had to wait long enough for it, but its clearly looking much better now than the earlier builds!

iNcRiMiNaTi3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

but the story is interesting enough for me to try it out.

damn its crazy when u think about the history this game has. wasnt this originally a ps1 game then became a gamecube? so many years ago and its actually going to be released.

[edit] i found some gamecube screens on ign :

looks nothing like what it is today. it looks like silicon knights was inspired by gears or unreal when they used the unreal engine and stuck with those character designs with the engine theyr using now

poos33931d ago

GOTY 2008 mark my words this game is amazing to behold and lets not forget BLOOD OMEN 1 of th ebest games ever created in this life timesilcon knight have a pedegree and have never failed to deliver

ukilnme3931d ago

I don't know what to expect. I hope it turns out good as I am really looking forward to this one. I'll rent it first and buy it if I like it.