Xbox LIVE Will Bridge the 360 and the new Xbox to Co-Existence

by SoldierX

Let’s focus our collective attention on Xbox as a brand. By now you should have realized that Xbox Live is the actual vehicle driving Microsoft’s console on the road to success. Yes, there have been some speed bumps (down time), wrecks (RRoD) and other unforeseen problems but overall Microsoft’s version of the Pep Boys; Major, e and Stepto (Yes, I know he quit) have kept the wheels spinning rather nicely. So before you trade in or sell your proverbial car for a newer model, give me the opportunity to argue for having two consoles co-exist on Xbox Live at the same time. The current gen Xbox 360 and the unannounced Xbox Metro (that’s what I’m calling it).

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NYC_Gamer4159d ago

Xbl needs to be one unified service that carries over everything from 360 owners gamer tag

WeskerChildReborned4159d ago

Yea same with PSN because i've bought multiple games on my account and i would gladly like to bring them to the next gen Playstation and be able to play them.

user54670074159d ago (Edited 4159d ago )

They better

I've been waiting to get every PS1 classic that I used to own when I was younger on my PS3 and since I live in the UK (with how SCEE treat us) half of the good classic PS1 games are still not even out over here........

I wouldn't want to finally buy them all only to find out I will have to buy them again on the PS4 and wait another 4 years for a game like Spyro

n4gisatroll4158d ago


You know, the ps3 does play ps1 discs...that is if you still have your old games, like I do.

dark-hollow4159d ago

all i want is to be able carry my gamertag with all the arcade games that i purchased/ firends list/ achievements.

being able to play with 360 owners on some games that may be on both consoles (very common on launch) would be great.

Christopher4158d ago

I doubt there will be any issues with 360 games being completely portable on the next XBox. I do question the PS3, though, considering their architecture. I believe Sony may run into the same issue they have with the Vita, where not every PSOne title will run on it, only now we're talking about PSMinis, PSN, and PS3 games. If Sony doesn't get BC worked out for their next platform, I see more people migrating to Microsoft who is building a software and hardware structure that is both forward and backward looking.

NukaCola4158d ago

In all fairness the 360 has horrible BC. Many of the games don't work, the audio sync is terrible and MS didn't support the original Xbox the day the 360 released.

Sony is really big on supporting their console. They are still supporting the PS2. I don't think it's an issue of design at all. I think they have chosen to wait on PS One support or full BC support for their Vita. I also think it's a cheeseball decision and they should just allow all those games to play on Vita.

Sony also has Bluray which will last a long time. So they have security on memory disc capacity and a good set up for BC. Bluray movies are the in thing they hit that nail on the head.

I think both companies will transfer their current profiles to a new upgraded online experience. I think MS has done a good job at integration of the console with LIVE. I think they have done worst in the gaming department over their media focused console. This is where I hope Sony focuses the most. On the future of PSN. I think they can do it, but they need to really step up in integration and build that up most.

Either way, when they release I'll be excited to see what they do.

chobit_A5HL3Y4158d ago

ms is smart for thinking about the future but i honestly don't think BC will play a huge role in the success of next gen consoles. next gen is for next gen games, and people who want to play older stuff will already have a ps3 or 360 to play them on. it's more convenient to have BC in new consoles, but it's not like when you go out and buy a new console, the old one just stops working. it's really just a matter of convenience and only dedicated gamers truly value BC.

Xbot3604159d ago

I think that should be the way forward.

GraveLord4159d ago

......same could be said for PSN. In fact, its guaranteed. All these people playing Call of Duty aren't just going to stop playing once PS4/720 comes out. many won't be able to afford one so they'll continue buying/playing PS3/360 games.

maniacmayhem4159d ago

They need to integrate Live better on their wp7 devices. Right now its poorly implemented.

NegativeCreepWA4159d ago

I'm waiting to see how it's integrated with Windows 8.

problemchild844158d ago

I just read an article on Techspy (I believe) that Windows 8 will not support DVD's and Bluray's unless you buy an add-on.

I think the article was talking about PC's though, but still it makes you wonder what direction Microsoft's next console will take.

InklingGirl4159d ago

All I want is my disc and downloaded games to work on my new console from day one.