PS3 gamers can do cool things: PlayTV DVR for £99.99 28th March 2008

This amazing little add on accessory for the Sony PS3 will have all you gamers doing cool things: You will be able to record and view your favourite programmes at the same time, Play TV enables you to record both Standard Definition as well as High Definition, Personal Video Recorder functionality allows you to watch live TV, pause, fast forward and rewind, Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) to show what's on, now and next gives you up to 7 days in advance in certain countries, Mobile TV functionality allows you to export content easily from PS3 HDD to PSP and watch TV on the go!

Thanks to live streaming plus you can watch your favourite show whilst abroad, oh yeah and not forgetting the channel surf with either your BD remote or your Sixaxis.

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Neurotoxin3928d ago

This is just free view correct?

Freeview is received via a standard TV aerial, How the F*ck Is that ever going to be a HD signal.

PlayTv = Pointless waste of money for stuff you probably already own but is maybe a bit more convenient. Think i`ll keep my £100 for something else.

LSDARBY3928d ago

I think it might upscale content too, im definatley getting it i dont have a DVR so it will be good for me. Ill have to update my hard drive though.

Does anyone know if an external HDD would work with this?

mighty_douche3928d ago

"Does anyone know if an external HDD would work with this? "

i imagine any HDD thats formatted to the PS3 (FAT32) should work, personally ill be popping in a new internal HDD as soon as this is released!

anh_duong3928d ago

HD signal will go live soon in the UK. They have already been broadcastin HD signals off the Crystal Palace tramsitter in London.

Why is PlayTV worth it?

1. its has twin HD Tuners (currently only standalone twin HD tuner in existence)
2. can program recording via psp
3. can watch recording via psp
4. regular firmware updates

HD recorder drive size upgradeable.

i will definitely buy one cosnidering you can't even get a twin HD tuner for under a hundred pounds.

Neurotoxin3928d ago

Thing is though... Free View is rubbish! I paid £25 for my Free View box, I pay my TV licence and cannot justify paying 99 quid for a gimmicky piece of hardware that can record Tv whilst i watch another channel..... They repeat the programs Over and over and over again, so what's the point?

anh_duong3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

freeview is not rubbish.. the system has been a huge success.. i am suprised you have this view since there are lot of channels that are quite good.. film4, e4, vigin1, dave to name a few.. plus for those who don't own sky+ the e4+1, ch4+1, film4+1 channels are a godsend..

furthermore, this device is a one off purchase so it isn't like spending 25 pounds for a freeview device that will need to be binned two years from now.. 100 pounds for a one off purchase is not bad... and your 25 pound freeview device is only single tuner, does not upscale, record, pause live tv nor has remote access...

there is nothing out there like it (apart from a mediacenter pc) that has at least has the same sort of functionality..

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gaetanl3928d ago

I hope that we will be able to record TV while playing or chatting, watching pictures, listening music or using HOME ...

ben8063928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

@anh_duong the u.k will not be moving to live HD braodcast anytime soon. it would be at least 2011 before anything like that happens, the hd broadcast in london was a trial to see if current transmitter tech can hanlde it.
its not even looking good for after 2011 as the goverment have refused to set aside bandwith space for HD content after the digital switch over. that means that t.v stations will be in a bidding war against mobile phone compaines who want to use the extra space for there lame phone tv services.

add to that the fact that because of this hd may well have to be transmitted in a different format mp4 as apposed to mpeg 2. the tuner could be useless just like the hd tuners in built into the 40x3000 and 40w3000 sony lvd t.v's

The article you posted does points to the bbc and other channels going HD this has already happened just not on the standard freeview signal due to space. bbc is doing part programs and channel 4 are doing a full program but none of channel 4's content is recorded in HD its just upscaled stuff. and these channels are only through skys hd service. the fact remains nothing hd will come via freeview until the switch over and even after its not looking good

anh_duong3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

actually there is a report that says the 5 main channels might go HD as early as next year... the only issue is bandwidth but that is being resolved..


and this playtv was designed to be upgradeable to HD standard - this is actually in the release notes for the device.


of couse channel 4 content will be a mixture of HD and upscaled.. some channel 4 movies and sporting events will be HD.. the article i sent refers to a new run of HD broadcast not the trial HD broadcast we are getting from the crystal palace transmitter.. this new broadcast will contain the complete trasmission not just partial transmission,..

once the auction is conclude in 2009, HD will be arriving sooner than you think.. bbc Trust's detailed conclusion statement said: "It would be possible for the BBC to launch this service almost immediately. However, the possibility of a major reorganisation of the DTT platform introduces the prospect that future HD services may be provided using the DVB-T2 transmission protocol on a dedicated HD multiplex. This would require consumers to have DVB-T2-capable (no reason to suggest otherwise playtv won't support dvb-t2 since spec are software and not hardware based) set-top boxes and so calls into question the proposal to provide a four-hour overnight service on Freeview from next year using the existing DVB-T protocol. On this timescale, users would have to upgrade their set-top boxes in the short-term in order to gain MPEG-4 capability to receive the four-hour interim service. Then they would face a second upgrade to gain DVB-T2 capability in order to receive the full nine-hour service (as well as HD propositions from the other PSBs)

Maddens Raiders3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I have Time-Warner Digital cable with dozens of HD channels and a built in DV-R (for recording everything I wish) that I can later watch on a fabulous 65" 1080P DLP screen. Would PlayTV be necessary for me,or is this something mainly for the UK / EU market?

/edit/ - ok, didn't see the part about being able to play movies/shows throught the PSP. Thanks anh-duong.

Bathyj3928d ago

I would say, once it on you HD, it would be easilt copied over to and external. Awesome. I have a DVD recorder with HD but it fills up and you cant take stuff off, only burn to disk.

The only other thing I would what (aside form editing features, programable etc.) is that it records into DivX. Vob files are way to big an going to LP reduces the quality to much if theres quick action like sports. DivX would be the natural choice wouldn't it considering the last months events.

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