Here We Go Again: Video Games A Worry For Prime Minister

Violence in games concerns Gordon Brown... knives are all too common in games. Gordon Brown showed his concern for video games after speaking out against knife crime, according to The Times.

"I am very worried about video and computer games," the Prime Minister told The Sun in an interview. "The industry has some responsibility to society and needs to exercise that responsibility," he added.

His comments come as the Government plan a crackdown on knife crime, as Brown initiates a Violent Crime Action Plan to be announced next month. Any person caught in possession of a blade will be prosecuted, while the Government considers an outright ban on some hunting knives.

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ravinash3935d ago

I don't think banning violent computer games will make any difference.
in 2006 all the arguments were about Rap music and violent lyrics. Lets blame everything except the society that these people live in were they feel there is no hope for them unless their a part of a gang.

mighty_douche3935d ago

eitherway, he's gonna be out of power pretty soon.

ironwolf3935d ago

And what's the next "deadly" weapon to be banned? Phillips head screwdrivers? Cricket bats?

Cop_Boy3935d ago

looks like u brits r gonna miss GTA IV ouch that hurts !! feel 4 u

MK_Red3935d ago

So there were no knife crimes before video games... right?

PirateThom3935d ago

No, video games caused all crimes, from drugs (Pac-man) to assault (Super Mario Bros.) and the maddness will never end because video games are evil, unlike movies which could not possibly cause any harm.

P4KY B3935d ago

He is miles behind in current polls.

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