Picture of 20GB PS3 now supporting HDMI

Sony Computer Entertainment today released a new picture of the 20GB PlayStation 3, that now feature an HDMI 1.3 output, allowing games to be played in full high-definition video and audio.

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EnforcerOfTheTruth5847d ago

You get for almoust $100 less everything what 360 with HD-DVD playback offers + future proof HDMI + a cheap way to upgrade your HDD(twice the size for half the price) + a cheap way to charge the controllers. Thanks Sony :-D

AuburnTiger5847d ago

I wonder why they haven't updated there website yet. This sounds like a rumor.

specialguest5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

i didn't need the other features, but HDMI was what i needed, now it's complete.
ok now the cheaper version is worth the buy. nice!

joemutt5847d ago

Nobody knows what HDMI is in the first place. Second thing is, nobody has HDMI input, maybe a small few. It doesnt matter what they add in at the last minute, they are desperate, they know they have already lost 1st place.

specialguest5847d ago

i and most of my friends own an HDTV with HDMI input/output and we're not rich. we're just average college graduates.

andy capps5847d ago

Did you not see the 200 20 GB models that are playable at TGS? It looks like they have to me...

This is a great move, but I still think that they would have done much better to have the 60 GB model only, and have it priced at $500. Both models having a hard drive is a definite step up from the 360, but it causes confusion in people not understanding (or caring) about the differences between the two. HDMI in the 20 GB version is a good move, but I still plan on gettin the 60 GB version. I am not wanting any more wires running around in my house, the wireless internet and the 60 GB hard drive is what's making me want the 60 GB version.

TheMART5847d ago

specialguest you probably have a rich daddy then, because most students are happy with an old CRT tv.

5% of all TV's are 720p HDTV's LCD. Many do have a HDMI port. But is it nescessary on most TV's? Is there a noticable difference between component on TV's up to 42 inch and HDMI?

Actually no. Even 1080p can be done over component. And the best thing is: the 360 output has a digital connector. Only thing they have to do is release a cable and there you go: when you need it you just buy the cable and HDMI is there. No special port to put on it nothing.

Sony doesn't know what they have to do to save the large dinosaurus that is the company and the PS nowadays so they'll do anything just anything to gain some good buzz

Phytonadione5847d ago

He actually said college graduates, not college students. I myself being a college graduate understand the feeling of getting a job and becoming totally independent. Within my first year of holding a real job, I was able to purchase and set up a pretty nice home theater system. Granted, it pales in comparison to what I have now, but my first tv after college was still $2500 (36" HD Sony tube). For $2500 to $3000, you can get a nice 45-55" 1080p (native) rear projection tv. That should only be month's salary for most college grads. Not a big deal considering the fact that the average person spends 3-4 hours in front of the tv. That's approximately 15% of our lives spent watching tv.

lalaland5847d ago

You simply don't NEED HDMI for todays TVs -- and that goes for the few 1080p as well. The TVs "image-improving" circuits downgrades the signal more than a good quality component cable would, and as such it is much better to have a TV with excellent image enhancers and component, than to have mediocre image enhancers and HDMI.

But lets not forget, that HDMI is a relatively new standard and TVs are improving on a rapid pace. In a few years time, HDMI will probably be preferable -- and there is the old debate regarding ICT. Now that's not a problem for the PS3 no more.

And there is always the added benefit of less cable clutter with HDMI, which is one thing which weighs heavily in favour in my opinion.

lalaland5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

Actually... I just noticed something... You mention that the X360 will be capable of HDMI because of it's digital output. You seem to forget one thing:
HDMI, if used with the HD-DVD drive, will only be really usefull if it supports HDCP, and that is a hardware thing. ATI (and NVidia) has only recently started to ship graphiccards for PCs that are actually capable of that, so it's highly unlikely the X360 has that capability as it was initially meant for Component output only. Know, I could be wrong... But MS hasn't actually announced a HDMI cable yet...

For gaming one doesn't need HDCP...

AND AS A REPLY TO YOUR POST #22 (I've spent all my bubbles)

Hope you see this...

You are wrong about HD-channels transmitting in 720p today. Most channels today (including moviechannels, documentary-channels and the World Cup this year) are all broadcast in 1080i.

The standard for public service channels in HD in the coming years will most likely be 720p which is the resolution EBU recommends. Why? Because of the cost of editing equipment and storage.

You also keep on mentioning 720p televisions are the only mainstream TVs today -- no flatscreens exist with that as a native resolution and most have resolutions higher than that and accepts higher resolutions (like 1080i). Your statement is simply not true!

Gamers are normally not your average mainstream consumer the first three years of a console lifecycle. MS stated themselves that they see a very high percentage of users actually investing in HD-Ready TVs because of the X360. You are the proof to support this (you've got a "720p flatscreen" afterall). It's not farfetched to believe a high percentage of the coming 1080p flatscreen owners will also have invested in a gameconsole.

Regarding the supported 1080p games for X360 -- good stuff... I hadn't read that yet (sooo many news, so few hours). I only know three of the four games. Lost Planet has loads of potential. Let's see if GoW manages to get on that list too -- that would be awesome.

Actually the PS3 has quite a few more games than two going for 1080p:

- Lair
- Virtua Tennis 3
- FloW
- Resistance... (aiming for 1080p)
- Mobile Suit Gundam
- Ridge Racer 7 (wasn't RR6 only 720p? ;-)
- NBA '07

... and I've got a sneaking suspicion we will see more in the coming months... But four titles for X360 is good. But cut the pwned please...

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Marriot VP5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

This is probably the worst business move Sony could ever make regarding the 20gb model. On top of HDMI they reduce the Japanese price...

Are they out of the mind, why would the reduce a price when the 20gb's are gonna sell out for months regardless of price. I don't know who makes these decisions but they obviously aren't doing Sony any favors.

Now this price drop happening 6 months from now, okay thats perfect. But Sony's lost their mind trying to compete with the Wii. I know you guys will say, "well it's for the consumers, Sony really likes us." Well I'm here to tell you that price drops are for competition, every business does it.

The only possible justification for this is that your gonna have to have a BIG HDD, if you have more than a few games. We already know, and they've admitted that games are gonna have to be stored on the HDD cause of blu-ray's read speed so 20gb isn't enough. But still the amount of consoles sold in Japan are now gonna make sony loose so much money after launch.

This business has lost it's mind

andy capps5847d ago

It's because of the apparent outcry in Japan over the price (and maybe only getting 100k consoles at launch). I just sent Sony an email about this on their website, I encourage everyone to do the same. Do they actually think that American gamers are happy about the price and are fine with it? Yes, I think it's worth the price, but I still wish it had been lowered worldwide to the equivalent of $515-525. Like I said, I encourage everyone to send them an email or something asking them to make this effective for all regions.

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