Eurogamer Review: Dynasty Warriors 6

Honestly, these Dynasty Warriors reviews almost write themselves: Dynasty Warriors is, once again, the game that launched a load of consoles. In the week that Dynasty Warriors 6 (or Shin Sangokumusou 5 as it's known over there) came out in Japan, sales of the PS3 eclipsed the Wii.

Dynasty Warriors 6 remains broadly similar to previous instalments: pick one of umpteen different warriors, and fight your way through battlefields full of swarming enemy soldiers, performing combat histrionics across the milieu of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (and if you don't know what that is: where the heck have you been for the past 16-odd games?).

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mullet3987d ago

I expected A LOT lower from Eurogamer for this one.

TANOD3987d ago


i expected a 7/6 from Eurogamer for DW6

mullet3987d ago

If it was PS3 exclusive they'd rate it what I expected from them. 6/10.

Rikitatsu3987d ago

SCREW ALL THE REVIEWS !!! this is a reason to own a PS3!!!

KidMakeshift3987d ago

It's kinda like Ninety Nine Nights now with the crazy combo system.

The one thing that I hated the most about Dynasty Warrior games was the empty environments. They're just so large and uninspired. I hope they finally fixed that and learned to level design instead just reusing the same areas over and over again.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3987d ago

Those areas are historic battle grounds and this being a game based on historic battles it only makes sense for them to use it.

duarteq3987d ago

"It's kinda like Ninety Nine Nights now with the crazy combo system."

I think u want ot say is that Ninety Nine Nights is kinda like Dinasty warriors. This series is here from a long time, from PS1 times...

MK_Red3987d ago

WTF!? This game doesn't have graphics, is repetitive with no innovation. 8/10!? Right...

n4gTurnsU_WickedGay3987d ago

DW is one of those games that ppl either love or hate. the reviewer clearly says DW fans will love the game and those that are not DW fans will continue to avoid it. so i based on that statement alone i would say 8/10 is fair.

as for not being innovative, the review also said that the changes made are not really noticeable to those that are not fans of the series. as a fan i think the DW6 has stuck to it's extreamly successful formula while adding a lot of features the series has needed for a long time, such as climbing and swimming.

Tsukasah3987d ago

Grew up with the game, sure it's the Madden of hack n' slash but its still mindless fun. Oh, and a great stress reliever. Though I heard that the characters are much different. Lu Bu's hair thing is shorter(DAMMIT!) and he no longer uses a spear, its a sword now. And the gay guy isn't looking gay anymore. Oh well, I'm getting this game asap.

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