HMV To Add More Game Space In Stores

’s been reported today that UK video game retailer, HMV are increasing the space for game sales.

With Nintendo’s brand new Wii U release right around the corner, this can’t be a bad thing.

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moegooner882444d ago

Their prices are ridiculous, Tesco and Argos are the cheapest when it comes to video gaming retail.

iamnsuperman2444d ago

They are not too bad considering they sell at recommended price but they just cannot compete with the big supermarkets so it seems there prices are extreme. HMV will eventually go under because of the big supermarkets selling their products at a cheaper price because they can afford to make a loss here and there but make it up in other products.

Dark_Overlord2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Since they pretty much just about saved themselves from collapse a few months ago, their prices have been a lot better. They have some new chart games at £29.99 which is a very good price :)

Plus their sales are the best I have ever seen, PS3/XBOX360 and Wii games for £2 brand new (at times)

EDIT - Was meant to reply to moegooner88 sorry

moegooner882444d ago

Exactly, for instance Argos now has Prototype 2 for 35 pounds while HMV has it for 40 pounds, having said that, unlike GAME and Blockbuster, i have never seen a new release at HMV priced at more than 40 pounds, which is a positive i guess.

StanSmith2444d ago

Got to agree with Dark_Overlord.

Hmv have been great for the last 2 years for me. The release day games are always £39.99 in my local and they offer the best trade in prices. HMV also made sure to employ Gamers at the Gaming counter too, so it's great to go in there, trade in, pick up a new release with the credit and have a chat about gaming.

Unlike Game/Gamestation with their brand new but scratched stock and their pushy preorder tactics. I'll never step in Game/Gamestation again. HMV all the way for me.

Dark_Overlord2444d ago

Completely forgot about their trade in, and I must agree, they have by far the best prices on trade in value.

A friend recently took in her xbox360 slim + kinect with 8 games, GAME offered £150, Gamestation £155, Cash Convertors £120, whilst HMV offered a more reasonable £250. That was £100 more than what the other dedicated game shops offered :)

tigertron2444d ago

Not my Tesco, they're a complete rip off. My local ASDA is the best place.

Other than that online retailers are the way to go like Amazon.

stuntman_mike2444d ago

I thought HMV were closing their gaming section down? I personally find asda the cheapest and my favorite for games at the moment. especially instore they do loads of deals.

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SaffronCurse2444d ago

Hmv here in Canada is still pretty big, i don't see them closing up anytime soon.

execution172444d ago

plus they have a bunch of games on sale all the time, I got Resistance 3 for 60% off its 59.99 price tag ^^ couldn't say no to that

Pintheshadows2444d ago

HMV ain't to bad. Their sales are usually decent and they tend to stock more than supermarkets. I doubt they'll go under as whatever happens they currently have a monopoly on the UK highstreet.