Madden NFL 13: Calvin Johnson Attempts to Dodge Curse

Do you smash mirrors and think nothing of it? Do you walk under ladders? Do you consciously and intentionally pick Friday the 13 to take long plane trips? Chances are you have some familiarity with superstitions and may or may not believe them. Well, in the wonderful world of sports simulation games, there are superstitions as well.

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ChunkyLover533363d ago

Shouldn't be hard, mostly because there is no such thing. In the past the cover person was someone who usually came off the best season of their lives, its hard to top that in sports. Also, by the middle to the end of the season every single player is injured in one way or another.

Just look at the runner up to the cover last year, Mike Vick. He had a terrible year, had he won, we'd be saying it was a curse. Instead it was just Vick being Vick and getting injured like every other year and not being accurate with his passes.

If anyone out there thinks there is a such thing as a Madden curse or any other kind of curse, you have my pity.