In Game XMB Sooner Than We Think?

From "Got an email tonight from someone who has sent in dozens of tips in the last couple of months. I usually blow them off as meh since some of them seem so far fetched like the XBox 360 with HD-DVD (lol, dead in the womb). Anyway, the source sent me the above picture with information that puts the above interface in our hands before January is over.

What do you think? Believable or should we stick to serving PS3 Gamercards than following crazy rumors? ;)"

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Sevir043928d ago

and it was able to do that since early last year like right around the time of the first map pack release.. this is fake. and quite a few games already do that like timeshift, High velocity bowling, just to name a few off my head.

look at the pic and see for yourself. while i believe that it will come this year, i dont think it'll be here by January's end. with that said this is just a bad rumor that got out and nothing more move along.

Staircase3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Really? Hmmm, were you able to listen to music while playing too? I may have to pop Resistance back in and check that out. Never noticed it before.

Thanks for posting that before I got excited. ;)

Mu5afir3928d ago

That is not the same thing running on those games.

Ju3928d ago

If you read the comments in the thread, you'll find a link to a picture with CoD4. And that definitively did (does) not support this yet.

Kleptic3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

n/m...wrong reply...

ericnellie3927d ago

I'm glad I read your post because I didn't get too excited about this rumor. The bad thing is, 6 people disagreed with you and you ended up being RIGHT. It was a fake!! I hate people that take everything they hear as truth...things on the internet need taken with a grain of salt. The people that disagreed with you are idiots =) Bubbles for you my friend!

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Clinton5143928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I'm not sure how anyone could fall for this. That photo looks fake and I can tell you why, but I won't post it here.

edit: Haha disagrees? Too funny.

kthing3928d ago

hm... if thats how it works cool. dunno what to think about the pic. I'll believe it when i have it running on MY ps3.

ohhthegore3928d ago

I remember resistance running something like that, I just can't remember if thats how it looked