Hitman: Sniper Challenge – new video, full play impressions

VG247: Following Hitman: Sniper Challenge announcement yesterday, we go hands-on with IO Interactive’s exclusive pre-order bonus. Written impressions, new footage, video interview and new shots also inside.

ShabbaRanks4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

This looks like a fun game mode to switch off from the single player. I hope they will have others in the game and not necessarily DLC lol. I sure hope this game turns out good, no more David Bateson, Vivienne McKee and Jesper Kyd makes me scared :S

I will get it day one due to my Hitman love tho. If it turns out better then Blood Money I will be amazed. Graphically from what I’ve seen so far it is :D


What the f**k this is something you can download before the games release. Now that’s even more cool , but May15th I will be playing MaxPayne3... Eventually since the game is only coming out on the 20th of November I will definitely want to try it out

Hellsvacancy4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Im the same, i was TOTALLY pissed that David Bateson and Jesper Kyd got dropped, really angry bout that, i was gonna boycott the game completely

But, since seeing the gameplay etc ive kinda fell to me knees and caved in, i shall buy it, it looks awesome, and it looks like its still got the atmosphere like the previous games

I DO want the voice of 47 though, if he sounds to gay i probably wont buy it, i bet he sounds more like a yank than European

ShabbaRanks4220d ago

I have a feeling he won’t be talking as much in absolution, but still it’s really weird that they changed so much like this.

By the way if you haven’t seen this gameplay video yet, please do lol. When I saw it, it gave me shivers

B_Rian894220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Is this offered for free when you pre order?


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SpinalRemains1382822d ago

Poisoning the panty sniffer while you hide in the closet is the greatest thing I've ever seen in a game.


Hitman: Sniper Challenge & Gyromancer Now F2P on Core Online

Play as Agent 47 and eliminate enemies with your Agency sniper rifle to accumulate points. Be meticulous and smart; use environmental kills to score higher points. Become the ultimate assassin and challenge friends to beat your high scores on Facebook.

Previously, this game was only available as a pre-order incentive for Hitman: Absolution.

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Hitman: Sniper Assassin Trademarked By Square Enix

Square Enix might be creating another downloadable Hitman game. The UK office of the publisher has filed a trademark for the title Hitman: Sniper Assassin.

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Cam9773947d ago

Announcement soon? This happened with Absolution. This sounds like a mobile game to me.