Microsoft to showcase IPTV on Xbox 360

Microsoft will showcase IPTV on Xbox 360 for the first time in Europe at The Connected Home show to be held in Olympia, London on 5-7 March, 2007.

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Shadow Man5431d ago

The service is unavailable.

GutZ315431d ago

Thats great news~!
Now lets get rid of the DRM and allow episode downloading.

Kyur4ThePain5431d ago

...5-7 March 2007?

I assume they mean 2008.

Bladestar5431d ago

nope... microsoft just invented time travel.

Gina-get-u5431d ago

The story shouldn't get approved if the link doesn't work or if you can't otherwise read the original story. I didn't get any useful information out of this.

SaiyanFury5430d ago

IPTV is great! Provided you have massive bandwidth available and your ISP doesn't cut you off for too much traffic incoming.

pandabear5430d ago

That will be good but I think they are missing a trick on this one - It is been shown for the 1st time in Europe on 5-7 March - The Playstation IPTV add on goes on sale in UK at end of March so they will be 1st to market.

Why has it taken them so long?????

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