Four Words for Sony Gaming: 'Keep It Simple, Stupid'

Seeking Alpha, January 13, 2008, by Seth Gilbert:

Ask a politician and they'll tell you, consistency in policy and staying on point is essential. Stick to the Message. If you flip flop from pro to con, then con to pro, credibility will disappear. Without credibility, there's little trust. Without trust there's won't be a favorable vote.

In retail, similar maxims apply. There's the famous "the customer is always right." There's also the old "K.I.S.S." principle: "keep it simple, stupid." You can confuse your customer with too many changes, or too many choices. That's bad marketing. Better practice is to offer them value, offer them what they ask for; what they want or need. Do that and they'll probably purchase your product. Don't and the sale is going to be difficult to close.

Lately, it seems more and more like Sony (especially the gaming division) has gotten off point, or keeps forgetting the message.

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Relcom3929d ago

My favorite show ever

ktchong3929d ago

Office did not invent it. The KISS principle is actually taught in business and design schools, colleges and universities.

Makroyale3929d ago

I seriously laughed out when I read that...

I can't believe you actually thought that saying originated on a TV show.

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LightningPS33929d ago

Lower the price to match the 360.

Makroyale3929d ago

Then it would be LPM360

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DeZimatoR3929d ago

Microsoft's Xbox 3 Could Give It Market Supremacy


Wtf now? What's going on? This site and are just there to say good stuff about Microsoft and badmouth Sony and the PS3? Wtf is up with this?

I guess its the new way of stealth trolling...

Geez, you bots never ceaze to amaze we actually got to the ridicule situation where we get God knows who telling Sony what they should do so their gaming division is successful...hello?! Sony has sold more than 270 MILLION consoles (PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP)and you are telling them how they should run their freaking gaming division?!


antoinetm3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

If the world was run by people from n4g it would either be:

- peace on earth (unlikely considering the high level of fanboyism around here)
- or the complete annihilation of the human race

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