8 Must Have Games To Get This Month

Here are 8 highly anticipated games for this May.

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ardivt3063d ago

I hate it how this month will see so many games being released and how during the summertime there nearly will be no further AAA titles see the light of day.

InactiveUser3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

There's rarely, if ever, 8 "Must Have" games in a month. This month is no exception.

-Only talking PS3 & PS3 multiplats below-

There are a couple that look decent, but only 1 on my personal 'list'. Max Payne 3 [May 15th] looks to be the only game I'd recommend that's coming out in May. And that's still my maybe list, since I need to see a bit more. It's reminding me too much of Stranglehold now though, which I thought was fun, but got old and I never finished the campaign.

Starhawk was highly overhyped by people here, and as expected only has a 77 meta currently. Say it's mediocre a few weeks ago and you'd get 90%+ disagrees though by people that think every game is AAA even after watching mediocre gameplay.

Sorcery [May 22nd] looks to be good if you're a kid and have or plan to buy Move. I'd recommend that for kids.

Spec Ops: The Line [June 26th] could be a surprise hit quality-wise out of the June shooters, depending how gimmicky the sand effects turn out to be, but so far it's looking much better than Inversion.

The Amazing Spider-Man [June 26th] looks like it has the potential to be the next Batman: Arkham, but that remains to be seen, since they've mostly released cinematic videos and not enough gameplay videos yet. At least not ones that I've seen.

Forget July, play catch-up on your backlog.. or go outside.

Sleeping Dogs [August 14th] - I don't expect it to be all that great, but could be worth a play-through once it drops way down in price. At least the live action trailer was good.

Far Cry 3 [September 4th]. We'll see. FC2 was too repetitive and boring with the 1hr drives with constant annoying checkpoints and your car breaking down every couple minutes, etc. all to get to about a 2min mission. On my watch list. Could be a decent pick up if they've fixed the bad and annoying parts from FC2.

Christopher3062d ago

***Starhawk was highly overhyped by people here, and as expected only has a 77 meta currently.***

While I agree with your sentiment of there rarely being 8 Must Have Games in a Month, let alone in 3 months, it's statements like this that are leading the industry into the gutter.

InactiveUser3062d ago

I don't understand your point.

People overhyping mediocre games and making a comment pointing it out is killing the industy? Hasn't gaming pretty much been at an all-time high this gen anyway with what 160+ million DS', almost 100mil Wii, combined nearly 130mil 360/PS3s, however many PSPs are out there, I'll pull the number 70mil OOMA, plus probably 30-40mil+ PS2s in that span also, I don't see how a statement about hyping games is killing an industy that is recently at or likely near an all-time high.. and that's not to mention mobile gaming, Facebook/online gaming, PC gaming, Onlive, etc.

TheFirstClassic3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

There's more than the score to look at for starhawk. It was rated down because of the sp, which nobody really cared about. Many reviewers said if the same game had released but without the sp, they would have given it a higher score.

Christopher3062d ago

***People overhyping mediocre games and making a comment pointing it out is killing the industy? ***

The fact that a 77 game has beome 'mediocre'. The fact that you rely on a score to determine this rather than the words themselves.

This is why games copy the big sellers and/or highest rated games. This is why people are take fewer and fewer chances with game development. This is why the gaming industry is becoming stale. Because people like you look at a number and declare that if it's below some specific amount it's mediocre or worse.

InactiveUser3062d ago

77 is mediocre when most grade on a scale of 50-100 or 60-100. And I base what I buy on gameplay for the most part, with a bit of story and graphics thrown into the mix; not on review scores or else I'd own Peggle and Pacman and waste hundreds on sports games every single year.

The gameplay doesn't look all that great, the story looks forgetable at best. Reviewers collectively think it's worse than The Darkness, Prototype, Yakuza 3 & 4, and Call of Juarez: BiB were for their time. Starhawk is mediocre. Based on gameplay, characters, story, collective reviews, etc. Mediocre.

Hicken3062d ago

After reading your comments, I'm 100% convinced that you don't have a clue what a good game is, or how to determine it on your own. You are most definitely a new gamer.

As such, even though these are the first comments I can recall reading of yours, I will henceforth be ignoring all other comments you make.

Honestly speaking, I'd like to find you in person and slap some sense into you. But as the old saying goes, "You can't cure stupid." So, instead, I'll make sure I'm not plagued by your ignorance. Wouldn't wanna catch whatever's made you that way.

And the worst part: you actually believe you know what you're talking about.

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Play2Win3063d ago

You need to buy only one game this year if you want to look at you again in the mirror without a shame: Diablo 3

tarbis3063d ago

Already preordered my copy of Diablo 3. 3 more days baby.

pr0digyZA3063d ago

I have an exam the day after, guess no studying will be done on the 15th.

Play2Win3063d ago

university wont se me a long time after release. this means a lot of re-working for the exams in summer.

ZodTheRipper3062d ago

Most of them indeed are "Must-Haves" more or less but there's gonna be only one game I'm getting THIS month and it's just 3 days away.