Microsoft will remain tight-lipped on XBL status thanks to lawsuit

Xboxic, January 13th, 2008:

Major Nelson, on his weekly podcast, has revealed exactly why nothing has been said for a while about the Xbox Live issues that remain. Thanks to the lawsuit filed in Texas, it means Microsoft can no longer update users on the situation due to legal issues.

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Nameless3983d ago

Lawsuit or no lawsuit Microsoft would have told us nothing. This lawsuit is just making it easier for Microsoft.

wageslave3983d ago

This is a nonsense article. There are two things at issue here:

1) Is the service running, without problem at present? Yes. And, you can goto the Status page to see this.


2) What were the issues around the holiday? They've already told us some information, but BECAUSE of the LAWSUIT, they wont tell us more.. im cool with that, its in the past.

Now, we are talking about #2, not #1.

*AND* the system has been running flawlessly, this "issues that remain" is inaccurate, that suggests the PRESENT TENSE, which is INACCURATE.

Why? #1 hasnt change -- goto the status page and see that yourself.

This is silly.

drewdrakes3983d ago

But guess what, they cant tell us anything about our free game until the lawsuit is over, which is why this sucks...

Hannah Montana3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Lamest excuse in the history of gaming!

@ below: here we call it the goods and services act. Look it up.
I'm sure you have it in the states. It's called the consumer protection bill.

jaja14343983d ago

A legal reason is the worst in history?

werdb3983d ago

am i the only person on xbox live not having any problems? my live is working fine and has been

Bathyj3983d ago

You must be. But I'm sure all the Bot crew who I dont need to name claim they are also having no problems. Just like they all claim they've never had RROD yet most of them have 2 or 3 Xb's for some reason. Bizzare.

WilliamRLBaker3983d ago

never had one problem. sept for a down time of like 5 minutes.

Blademask3983d ago

Or it could be, a majority of xbl users are having severe issues.

Bathyj3983d ago

Ha, see?

Dont get me wrong, I should say I'm happy for you that you have no problems, and I wish you no ill feeling.

wageslave3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

No, Ive not had a problem yet. Nor my friends / family. My nephew created his Xbox LIVE account without issue on Dec. 25th.

No troubles.

Nor are their any at all right now:

"Xbox LIVE Service Status

Up and running."

AlexQuevedo3983d ago

I haven't had any real problems either, save for one voice message one (it didn't send the actual recording). Other than that, I've downloaded songs for Rock Band and I've played lag-free games online (and no quit outs, luckily)

prowiew3982d ago

This last week I had no problems signing or playing live, but sometimes it acts a little strage. But in December it was a mess. I couldnt play halo3 nor call of duty 4. Sometimes I couldnt sign in to live.

dantesparda3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Um D!ckheads! MS themselves has said there is a problem. Wow! you people are just so delusional, that you's dont even wanna hear it when you master, MS, even says so. I've had intermittent problems, where it keeps logging in and out, my roommate had his friend list page all blanked out, and my friend was also having a hard time getting in too, and he was making a new account (he just bought the 360 of my other friend, he really wanted a PS3 but since my friend was giving him such a good offer, he couldnt refuse)

But you 360 fanboys are a sick bunch who deserve exactly what you's are getting. That's right keep denying everything. So that the problems will keep presisting.

And this is coming from a 360 owner (who's on his 3rd replacement, that's been freezing up and disc read erroring since i got it)

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Whoooop3983d ago

Xbox 360 is falling apart piece by piece.

BLUR1113983d ago

yea so is your life whooooooooop

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