'4/6 lfm tank and dd' - The jargon of online gaming

Among the many different kinds of online games, the most successful are the MMORPGs. The term stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games - games where a great multitude of players control virtual characters - known as Chars or Avatars for short - through adventures in fantasy worlds.

To those versed in the lingo, "4/6 lfm tank and dd" is a more scientific notation than lazy shorthand. It represents a want ad with very specific information: The first part of this seeming jumble of letters and numbers indicates that four characters have already come together for what is to be a six member group (4/6). They are looking for two more members to fill out the group (lfm - looking for more). Specifically, they are looking for either tank or dd (damage dealer) characters.

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Bonsai12143957d ago

haha.. i love mmo jargon. though i haven't heard DD used. normally i hear and use "nuke"

anyways, a call back to my GW days:
"UW LFM, MM, B/P, SS, nuke, LB monk" (ps, this group wouldn't work well)