Devil May Cry 4: TGS06: Gameplay presentation

Another video from the game presentation. With someone knowing how to play this is instantly much more interesting.

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PS3 Ultimate5847d ago

Awesome! You see, now things are changing once again! NOW things will soon be going back to Sony's hands! Deliverance!! W3lcom3 Chang3!

pRo loGic II5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

This is the only game that looks any good for the PS3. WHY! ARE! PS3 pics of above average games look PISS! GREEN!. We have w3lcom3d chang3 for over 5 years now. lol

pRo loGic II5847d ago

Sony's doing alot of chang3ing.

D R Fz5847d ago

Did you see that?
Absolutely amazing. That's 4 thumbsup. Definitely a must have.

kingboy5846d ago

the devil is kicking some @ss ..only for ps3

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