Ten golden rules of online gaming

Destructoid writes:

"Gaming over the Internet is now a major part of the hobby we all hold dear, and as titles like Halo rose to bring more and more mainstream attention to multinational fragests, we have seen online gaming become one of the most integral facets of the industry. With mainstream attention, it has also brought with an influx of new, fresh-faced gamers who have logged on with wanton abandon, unwitting of the rules that we have held dear as digital war veterans for millenias untold. At least outside of the PC universe, onling gaming is full of people who perhaps do not understand the ettiquete and courtesy that comes with the territory.

For these people, Destructoid has the answer. If your copy of Halo just hit your mailbox, or even more urgently, if you started playing online years ago and have never even been through basic training, this is the guide for you."

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Relcom5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

I think everyone has felt and said what he is talking about

smashballs5434d ago

It's stories like this that make me glad I don't do the online thing. I can just imagine being berated by 9-year-olds who think I'm a "gay nagger," imagine what my reaction would be to such a weird comment, and try not to let the architecture of my mind collapse upon itself.

Thank Frith that Smash Bros. will be voiceless

TitanUp5434d ago

just knowing that most online gamers are like this kinda makes me ashamed of being an online gamer at times. i mean why say and do that stuff? its crazy

the word noob is stupid
ordering people around cause they are messing up is stupid
if im losing its probably because i suck or havent warmed up
if lag disconnect
everyone isn't gay
the n word is retarded
singing is annoying

know this is just mostly a joke thing or to actually point out the problems in online gaming. people really dont need to be acting this way though

qohelet5434d ago (Edited 5434d ago )

but the last part saved you from gayness :)

edit : i just discovered that you can't agree with yourself on this broken website!

BloodySinner5434d ago

What an awesome article. Because it just happens to be true.

Says you5434d ago

that don't play online so how can this be ??true?? if the rest of the gamers around the world aren't gaming online?.

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The story is too old to be commented.