Proof that Xbox Live - Rewards does just that

A recap of the benefits of the Xbox Live Rewards program which is well worth checking out if you've not done so already.

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ShadesMoolah2410d ago

Might be quite a slow process to build a significant amount for a game, but even so, M$ Points back for doing what you already do is not half bad.

Yi-Long2410d ago

... and here in Holland we also still don't have access to the indie-marketplace.

GameOn2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

well it's in the UK thankfully. sucks for you.

jetlian2410d ago

that does suck. Ive gotten about 800 pts so far 500 in feb. That plus deal of the week gets me my 40 bucks worth of live.

It only adds to your account when its 100 pts or more. I use that to buy indie games or random smaller dlc which throws off my pts like when stuff is 560/600 pts.

BitbyDeath2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

@Yi-Long, Living in holland should be enough reward for you

Yi-Long2410d ago

...Living in Holland SUCKS. It's boring, taxes are ridiculous, politicians are incompetent, transportation is too expensive, etc etc.

I'm glad I'm moving to Hong Kong at the end of the year.

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AutoCad2410d ago

ya i got around 480 points this month.used thm to buy walking dead.

ChunkyLover532410d ago

I got the same amount! lol I got The Walking Dead as well. Definitely watched over 10 hours of Netflix, played 10 hours of online games and Youtube was an easy one because I like to watch a lot of music on there and its full HD.

I also get a lot of MS Points via Bing Rewards, where you just search for stuff and earn them throughout the day.

AutoCad2410d ago

10 hrs game play 10 hrs hbo go (game of thrones and eastbound and down ) youtube as well.

XANDEO2410d ago

I got 510 points this month, quite suprised because forgot I sighed up for it tbf until I checked my email this morning

Johnny_Cojones2410d ago

In 13 months I've gotten almost 4000 points.

BabyTownFrolics2410d ago

i do this and bing rewards (on multiple computers), I have not paid for ms points in over a year

MacUser19862409d ago

I've been a Reward member since the day it was released and I like it very much, it would be nice however to have it usable straight from the system instead of the need for a computer.

With this and Bing I've earned a lot of points to buy things on Xbox Live.

SignifiedSix2408d ago

Wow, i didn't even know you could get rewarded for using bing until now xD