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Emilio_Estevez3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Looks f'in brilliant. Saw new mechanics and some interesting fight sequences. Glad I pre-ordered and got a sweet metal case out of it.

redDevil873329d ago

The story looks like it will be pretty epic too

ardivt3329d ago

is this ingame? if it is -and it looks like it is- the game really looks like a next gen game.

buddymagoo3329d ago

As a British man I now understand how the Arabs and Russians feel about being portrayed as the "bad guy"

Outside_ofthe_Box3329d ago

***"is this ingame? if it is -and it looks like it is- the game really looks like a next gen game."***

LOL hell no it doesn't. Killzone looks better that for sure.


I wouldn't say it looks like next gen... Quite frankly, I'm pretty happy with current gen, can't really think of how much next gen will improve.

Also, when you say "generation", I believe you refer more to consoles (PC components continually evolve, a PC GPU or CPU gen would really be smaller than a year), and I don't think any trailers are being taken directly from any console, but from a bad ass PC, with many setting that maybe not even be available in the final product... We know how marketing works with this gameplay videos.

But none the less, this looks good. Really fluid. Totally hyped to get back into AC, I wasn't so happy with Brotherhood and Revelations, although worthy games, the main story (Desmond's and the Assassins throughout history) didn't evolved as much as I would like.

Electroshocked3328d ago

It's Pre-Alpha gameplay footage and it looks amazing, I can't wait to see what the final build of the game looks like.

spicelicka3328d ago

yes it doesss, i think the framerate is 60fps now, it looks soo smooth, and the animation looks amazing.

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moegooner883329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Looks great so far !

Nimblest-Assassin3329d ago

And hype for this game has risen to maximum proportions... since Bioshock was delayed

This is my most anticipated game of the year

LOGICWINS3329d ago

@ 1:25, best free running I've ever seen this gen!

TekoIie3329d ago

I pray that we can go into buildings and free run just like that!!! It'll be like playing uncharted: Drakes fortune again and being amazed simply at how the character moves!

badz1493328d ago

Uncharted 3 did it with the Talbot chase and it is pretty amazing too!

Crazyglues3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Oh, Sh*t just got Real... LoL

That looked Awesome, and Assassins Creed III just went from a maybe title to the top of my Must haves for 2012....

Wow... *_* can't wait gameplay is looking awesome, when I first saw the first trailer I thought no way they get it to look that good, but it looks amazing

If you didn't watch the trailer in 720p your doing it wrong..


LOGICWINS3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I saw it on 360p on my desktop and blew it up to full screen...and it looked like a next-gen game IMO. When I actually get this thing on my TV in 1080p...DAAAAAM! Feces just became authentic :D

EDIT: And this is PRE-Alpha!

opoikl3329d ago

I don't know about those "next-gen" comments. I got that feeling whilst playing Rage (and to a lesser extent Bulletstorm) on my new PC a few months ago, and those can't even begin to compare to the feeling of amazement that grasps you when you enter the world of BF3 on high or ultra for the first time. I guess 5 years of PS3 only made my expectations drop significantly.

To me this just looks like a cleaner and crisper version of the previous AC games, much like KZ3 vs KZ2 (yes, I said it, KZ2 is starting to look muddy amongst its younger peers). I hope I'm proven wrong when the game drops, but I'm not going to hold my breath..

Crazyglues3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

@ opoikl

Wow, really you didn't like none of it, what about all the soldiers on the field.. -wow tough crowd...

Looking at all the disagrees I got, I'm guessing a lot of people were not impressed either...

I didn't play the last assassin creed so I don't know how much it looks like that one but I thought it was looking really good for a console game.. -but I guess we will see as we get closer to the release -and see more gameplay..


theaceh3328d ago

I expect the usual popups (there is just so much current gen hardware can do), yet, at the same time I am pretty sure the story and scale will be absolutely amaizing!!! Day 1 purchase for me.

Kurt Russell3328d ago

The previous assasins creed is a bit poor, it has some horrid tower defense game that really breaks up the fun stuff, which I hope they have removed for this one. Afterall that trailer looked AMAZING!

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Kanzes3329d ago

Now the main character can climb a tree and rock... It seems a part of Uncharted is implemented on this game, which is good. =)

Virus2013329d ago

Assassin's creed always had climbing. I've never climbed tress in Uncharted like Connor was at 0:17, 0:40,and 1:17 seconds.

SuperLupe3329d ago

Looks nice and all but for somebody who tried to see what all the hype was about and gave AC2 a try and didnt like it, this didnt get me as excited as everyone else.

Dishonered (depending on how it turns out) and/or RE6 are going to get my money over this.

LOGICWINS3329d ago

Yeah, if you didn't like AC2(it was personally the best action/adventure campaign I've had this gen next to Uncharted 2) then this one might not make you a believer. I plan on getting RE6 too when the Gold Edition comes out. It seems like GOTY editions are coming out faster and faster these days.

Jazz41083328d ago

I ment to disagree as this looks like a major step up for the franchise and it won't take much to look better then kz as many games hve surpassed that boring colorless mess imo.

theaceh3328d ago

That glymps video from AC 2 really caught me off guard. Had the chills for days, but I can understand how the AC series may not be for everyone.

fragnificent3329d ago

OMG who else thought it was awesome when he ran and jumped through the building...
I was expecting him to climb up it.

galest3328d ago

@ Ardiivt
You must be a child or you just plain ignorant comparing killzone, a FPS (linear) with a 3rd person game (open world) Assassins Creed. It is the tech behind the game that really makes it a next gen game such as holding over a thousand NPC's, yeah, the game can squeeze a people of people on your television screen.

gedapeleda3328d ago

Looks good,but I want an AC set in Jamaica or somwhere in the caribbean.

fragnificent3322d ago

As in Pirate theme?, jumping from Boat-to-Boat assassinating Captain. Set on both land and sea???...

Would be awesome :D

Baba19063328d ago

going though a house? love it =D

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VanillaBear3329d ago

Right...I'm done

Ubisoft are just liars

"Oh bu bu...Connor will ne neatural, you will be killing both American and British soldiers"

All I saw in this gameplay trailer was Connor kill a load of red coats which proves my early point they are going against what the previous AC games have said about America and the templars.

Emilio_Estevez3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Well while you pout about that this holiday season, millions of other folks will enjoy it. Never heard any Russians complaining about being the 'bad' guy in games (or movies for that matter). Over-react much? Your also judging a book by it's cover, who knows what's actually inside the book(game). You do realize that almost everyone in America at that time is actually British as well right?

Also you should consider context. They are mostly British people who felt like outsiders from their own government in England, so they left for a new world, only to be followed by that same government tyranny. I'm sure any logical person can relate. Do you agree with your gov right now, I sure don't.

Omar913329d ago ShowReplies(1)
Nimblest-Assassin3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

why are people so angry at the fact redcoats are being killed? They said that you will kill Americans, they didn't show it... but if they said they will let you, trust them.

Also, why are people so obsessed with killing Americans? I mean in AC2, you killed Europeans and no one complains. In almot every modern FPS, you kill Russians, and they don't complain.

Hell these aren't even modern British people, why are people so insulted by this

Why are people complaining so much about redcoats? Vanillabear, are you from Britian?

Sure I understand, America is templar HQ... but this game is going to show you HOW IT GOT THERE... the game looks awesome, but people need to stop judging the story from this one minute trailer

DragonKnight3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

"Also, why are people so obsessed with killing Americans?"

Why is America always the good guys? Why hasn't there been a game where the opposing side is the main focus defending against America?

Personally, I don't care who I'm killing because it's a game. As long as I can stealth kill whoever I want, I'm happy.

But when's the last time you can say you played a game where the Americans were the bad guys or the ones getting killed? There is this ridiculous image in pretty much every medium that the U.S. is this stand up, righteous nation of justice that can do no wrong, and the only time they fight is to protect freedom, blah blah blah. But in reality, the U.S. is just as bloodstained as any warmongering nation with their own devious agendas and reckless regard for human life. There are no "good" guys or "bad" guys in war, just two opposing political agendas and one desire to control everything. But you'll never see that in a game that's America vs. Anyone. Even if it was America versus the Army of Heaven, America would be portrayed as the good guys with the fewest (if any) casualties fighting against the evils of Heaven.

But this game is looking to be amazing and nothing can really be judged about it based on a minute long trailer.

Rainstorm813329d ago

@ Dragon Knight

What about games like Red Dead Redemption that takes place in America, You are killing Americans left and right...Why does it have to be Country vs Country??

In AC3's case Connor is part Native American, So it would be natural for there to be some blurring of the lines for the main character.

Besides what about Command and Conquer? you can go against America in that game. and thats an EA/Westwood game

DragonKnight3329d ago

@Raiinstorm: "You are killing Americans left and right...Why does it have to be Country vs Country??"

Maybe because the game we're talking about has a central WAR theme and not a criminal theme. Who else are you supposed to kill in America but Americans with the exception of the Revolutionary war? Red Dead Redemption's theme is the Wild West and criminals. It focuses on one bad part of U.S. history, but in essence doesn't make the U.S. good or bad. That means it can't count as a game that places the U.S. in a bad light, the kind of game that simply doesn't exist.

"In AC3's case Connor is part Native American, So it would be natural for there to be some blurring of the lines for the main character."

True, but how blurred? Will there be a slant? Will George Washington appear to be a more noble man than, say, Charles Cornwallis? Or will the central theme be that war is war and there are no good or bad sides, just two sides. Will Connor be able to kill indiscriminately (excluding people like George Washington or Charles Cornwallis), or will storylines deem more casualties on one side or the other? We don't yet, but it's a valid subject to discuss.

"Besides what about Command and Conquer? you can go against America in that game. and thats an EA/Westwood game."

Command and Conquer is made to be a broad RTS game. Akin to other RTS games, there is no one side vs another side in the strictest sense that would make one side the "good" or the "bad." It's made to show the process of war and that's it. Again, no one is portrayed in any negative way. When is the last time you played a game where America could be called the evil invading force NOT on the side of justice and just trying to kill you as the enemy? Then take that game and stack it against games where the "antagonist" is Russia, Germany, China, Vietnam, Korea, etc.. etc... etc....

The central theme is that America=Good; Everyone else=Bad.

Nimblest-Assassin3329d ago

Here is something I realized... my friend is pissed of because Connors speech in the trailer gives a pro american vibe.

But the truth is he is speaking of the Assassins belief of freedom, the fact that everyone should be able to think for themselves, rather than sheep like how the Templars want.

America in Assassins lore is Templar HQ, and Dubai was Assassin HQ... something happened to America that made it into the empire it has become. Im actually excited to see how this corruption occured in America.

People it was never about Britian vs Americans, its about Templars vs Assassins.

Hell Ubisoft is French/Canadian, they have no hidden agenda, hell AC is more popular in the UK.. do you think its a smart business plan to piss the majority of your fans.

Dead excited for this... its my most anticipated game of the year(since Bioshock was delayed) Thats my opinion, you are free to yours... thats what Connor means by being truly free... not AMERICA F**K YEAH!

Live by the Creed

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Rainstorm813329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I agree Omar.... people kill me thinking that they know everything that's in store for a game off a 1+ min trailer ....SMH

Niblest - Yea ive noticed that too, quite a few people so obsessed with killing americans, Heres an idea wait for the game to release then we will find out the entire story, who you kill and why.... Until then dont assume, you know what you do when you assume

Baka-akaB3329d ago

Then be done .
I'm a bit worried about them portraying or not Connor killing both side if needed ... but even that trailer insist on that notion while not showing it .

We have ample time to see if it ends up true or false .

In the meantime , i'm way over worries with the magnifiscient things shown in that trailer .

Frickin' indoor assasssin acrobatics!!

Eamon3329d ago

Reminded me of the Tangiers scene from Bourne Ultimatum.

abc12333329d ago

Were we watching the same trailer because I swear he says:
"I will fight the enemy, regardless of their allegiance."

PshycoNinja3329d ago

It...... is a video game.

mynameisEvil3328d ago

Man, there you go. You've figured it out. I swear, there are so many gamers sitting here crying about "*sniffle* Why does America have the be the good guy?" when it's just a damn game.

Look, how many games do you play in large part due to the story? Notice how that story has nothing to do with America = Good, everyone else = bad?

Look at BioShock. Look at Uncharted, inFAMOUS, Half-Life, Fallout (even Fallout showed the dark side, as in that, we annexed Canada, killing innocent civilians), Metal Gear Solid, Portal, Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic... not a single one of them pulls that crap and THOSE are the games that people applaud for the stories.

All of the other games are just action games. Which country is famous for loving action? America. America = good guys = more American consumers = large market = more money.

Also, as reznik_zerosum pointed out, Britain during the 18th Century was downright tyrannical to Americans. Britain isn't perfect, so don't pretend like it has never done any wrong. I don't sit here and think America's perfect, we've done a good bit of wrong, as well.

Remember, people, these are simply GAMES. It shouldn't matter to you what character you play in X FPS game because 95% of the time, it doesn't really have a good story, anyway. If you don't like playing as an American, pretend that you're from somewhere else and drown out the story you aren't even paying attention to as it is.

That is all.

reznik_zerosum3329d ago

whats wrong with killing British Imperialist in 18th century ? and that's one of the rare wars where u can actually support americans to win war

DeadSpaced3328d ago

Most of the people in America were British, whether they fought for the king or against.

RememberThe3573328d ago

You may want to kill Americans now (in that case go f*ck yourself) but this is in the 18th century, we were very different countries back then.

Yes the trailer is geared towards Americans and probably will turn out to be on the side of Americans(hinted by the picture with Connor and George Washington). It'll probably be similar to the other games when Ezio and Altiar would loosely take a side. Connor will no doubt be on the Assassin's side but which ever side of The Revolution is more morally aligned with the Assassin's will get their support. And I think we all know which side that is.

omi25p3328d ago

absolutly agree, They should have a warning at the beginning of this trailer Saying

"No American Was Harmed During the making of this trailer"

completely uninterested in this game due to the fact they are obviously making you pick sides. It goes against the entire story.

Wont be wasting my money like i did on the previous games.

DeadSpaced3328d ago

Just thought you'd like to know: It seems at 52 second mark that Connor is speaking with a redcoat, not slitting his throat. Who knows, maybe he doesn't kill only redcoats?

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iamnsuperman3329d ago

So where is this no allegiance in this trailer????. Apart from that the game looks ok. It is nice to see going to buildings but I feel these will be scripted events and not actual gameplay as such.

Nimblest-Assassin3329d ago

All the press say its actual gameplay, rather than scripted moments... color me excited as all hell

user54670073329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

So the RedCoats are the Templars then...

Look at what he says

"One of the more obvious difficulties is how to structure a story on the American Revolution without making either the Americans or English look like the bad guys, something Turner’s aware of."

Well I definatley got the impression that the RedCoats are the "bad guys"

Why try and sugarcoat it

I will agree with Vanillabear above with one very good point, if you read all the stuff in the past AC games it does let on that America is the central base for the Templars

In my opinion it would of made more sense story wise to have the Americans as the templars and British are mostly Assassins who are tyring to liberate America from Templar control. You know how in AC Brotherhood/Revelations you sent your Assassins to cities all over the world to free them from Templar control well it would be like that but on a much bigger scale.

Since the Americans won the war this would mean that the Templars gain more control in America and the rest of the world and the Assassins would decline after their defeat thus leading up to why the Assassins have nearly all been wiped out in the present and how Templars are gained so much control by being established as multi million corporations like Abstergo Industries

I just feel Ubisoft have changed the backstory to not get people upset, I mean letting a smaller place like the UK get a little ticked off is better then all of America.

EDIT: @iamnsuperman

It would make sense since the US is where the AC games sales dip the most but even then it's not by much, would Ubisoft do all this just for a few more sales.

iamnsuperman3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I can't decide if this game is purposely being advertised as a pro american game with patriotic themes to bring in a larger NA users but the game itself will be difference or the game is actually like this. If it is the latter why, like you said, why sugarcoat it?

Either way there is some PR bull being said. Either from the trailers or from the interviews.

stuntman_mike3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

"I just feel Ubisoft have changed the backstory to not get people upset, I mean letting a smaller place like the UK get a little ticked off is better then all of America."

wow thats an ignorant comment if i did see one.

pr0digyZA3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I think its a matter of "why bite the hand that feeds you" so too speak. It's why Americans aren't portrayed as the bad guys in many (if any) medium.

If it is like this for the majority of the game, then I can understand why they did it like that, but with that said I would like to see a company go against the grain and do things differently.

Rainstorm813329d ago

EA tried to a certain extent by including the Taliban in Multiplayer.... Look at the backlash from that....and that was just the multiplayer.

Can you imagine a game where you play as Al Quaida and invade the US in the campaign? It wouldnt make it to store shelves, in america at least. I think 9/11 made alot of that kind of outside the box thinking hard to execute and market

stuntman_mike3328d ago

i wasnt talking about the game just that comment in general, I'm sure most of us in the UK are fine with the red coats being the enemey. the british are the baddies in 90% of american movies.

It's just that comment just because were a little island its ok to pick on us bullshit. I'm sure he didnt even think before writing that.

3329d ago