TGS 2006: Metal Gear Solid 4 Screens

Even when there is a year's time of work left, the screens speak of the beauty they hold themselves. Beautiful instances of the 'Octocam'(octopus camoflauge) captured in these shots.

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Logan5855d ago

hey guys if you go to you can see younger snake at the ending of the tgs 06 trailer. the link is the pics looks awsome by the way thanks for posting them in here.

Bhai5855d ago you too Logan, I'm going to download the trailer right away !!!

Logan5855d ago

I appreciate the compliment. :)

Solid Snake5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

WTF is then, seems to me like there was in game footage, i mean they showed like a 3 min video of the game being played, i mean with fragments of the story, so all you Xbox rats can fuc* right off, we don't care if you think it's real or not, in the end you will not be able to denie the realness of this game! They did state that the camera has changable views, so that's why you can see front views of him and stuff!

Logan5855d ago

you dont have to tell people to F right off, you know what im saying?

specialguest5855d ago

personally, i don't drop down to that level, but if you were around during the earlier times of News4gamers, the 360 fanboys were much more hardcore when it comes to fanboy'isim.

nirwanda5855d ago

where's the bump mapping or the paralax mapping, some of the wall's look really low rez but as allway's with mgs games the character models look good.
hardly any of the jap dev's seam to have got the hang of texturing

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