Max Payne 3 Xbox360 install size revealed

Rockstar's upcoming third person shooter and the third installment in the Max Payne series 'Max Payne 3' will be available on Xbox360 on two discs. The first disc contains the first half of the story mode and the multiplayer while the second disc contains the second portion of the story mode.

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Braid3224d ago

Better than PC anyway, I heard that it'd take a gigantic portion of 35 gigs from your hard drive on PC if you fully install the game.

Crazyglues3224d ago

Ouch! now that gotta hurt if your on 360, 15.1 gigs of free space.. jesus..

Every-day I'm so happy I installed that 500gb drive on my PS3.. I assume our game will be coming in on one blu-ray disc..


Paradicia3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

With people like you Sony needn't spend money on advertising. Your post reeks of bias. Note 'Our' as if everyone here owns a PS3. I own one myself but I'll be playing on the 360 for achievements and multiplayer.

" I assume our game will be coming in on one blu-ray disc.."

Like people didn't know that already. Thanks Sherlock.

Crazyglues3224d ago


....LoL don't take it so personal - I kid, I kid... I mean come on' for years xbox people have been making fun of us, saying Blu-ray was not even necessary, saying that much space on the disc is overkill... (funny how things change)

So when we get a chance to dig just a little at 360 you know we gotta do it... LoL

To all my Xbox players I kid, I kid, I feel your pain...


humbleopinion3224d ago

I don't think anyone is making fun of anyone, but this kinda makes sense, doesn't it? The fact that every game can be (optionally) installed to the hard drive or even to a USB disk pretty much shows why Bluray or any other format is not really necessary even for games bigger than what one DVD can hold. I reckon that next gen alsmot every game will be available digitally or even via cloud storage.

Perjoss3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

@ Crazyglues

I wasn't aware that there is a signature system in place on N4G, do you seriously paste that bit of ascii into every post you make? rofl

CommonSense3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Really? you're using the "he started it" defense?

very mature.

also, i've been coming to n4g for over 4 years and i've never seen those cop out comments the trolls/fanboys always make.

if the community doesn't grow the hell up, then how will gaming ever be taken seriously.

you intentionally took a jab at the 360, and yet i bet you take away anyone's bubbles who make the reverse comment.

talk about the games, not the console.

EDIT: and if anyone needed a great example of the ps3 slant on this site, just look at the top 3 comments and the agrees vs disagrees. one guy is is being a ps3 fanboy and trolling about 360...someone else calls him out for it... and the troll has the agrees.

it's getting old guys, really.

@Perjoss: of course he does. he needs everyone to know what 'team' he's on.

kreate3223d ago

i think the community will continue to grow up. but it will be replaced by the younger crowd driving the older ones into their graves...

generally.. a xbox fanboy might be offended by crazyglues's comment but for the average mature gamer, im not sure why people would be offended.
especially if u come to n4g regularly.

*take me out fable style

A-Glorious-Dawn3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

I don't really see that as a huge 'dig at the 360' and come on, I think sometimes people get too hung up on the whole 'fanboy' thing.

One is allowed to have preferences, I think it's far sadder to take offence to a comment like that, come one! he said, "that's gotta hurt if you're on 360" You take offence to a comment directed at an inanimate object ffs!

@MiLKJDO Dude don't be so offended it's just a piece of hardware..

@CommonSense There is no doubt that more people on this site prefer the PS3 and would agree with that comment, but to label them all fanboys and a 'team'. If you want nobody to offend your machine of choice then why have you stuck around here of all places.

besides here's a little gem from your comment history

""FREE online
-it's slow as hell and nobody has headsets so the online community is weak. it has to be free otherwise it couldn't compete.


standard hdmi
-doesn't come with an hdmi cable though

standard hdd

true divx support
-how often does that come in handy?

games in 09
-killzone 2 is crap. what else ya got? ""

Witness the hypocrisy people.

kreate3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

'Witness the hypocrisy people'

this! ;)

so who was the troll all along?

Spydiggity3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

@Dawn, Since commonsense doesn't appear to be taking a stance on one system vs another but rather the stealth dig by a troll, I don't see the hypocrisy.

You, on the other hand, did make the comment, "One is allowed to have preferences." So, wouldn't it make you the hypocrite for then criticizing him for expressing an opinion?

Also, who scavenges through old comments just to make a vague point about how it's acceptable to be a PS3 fanboy on a site that's known to be ps3 dominant? Shouldn't the point be to weed out the trolls like Crazyglues so that we can have a solid gaming website and not a shoddy PS3 troll site that drives all legitimate gamers away?

@kreate, saying that Killzone 2 or the browser sucks is hardly trolling. YOU need to reevaluate your definition or trolling. Dawn needs to figure out what hypocrisy is.

"Ouch! now that gotta hurt if your on 360, 15.1 gigs of free space.. jesus..

Every-day I'm so happy I installed that 500gb drive on my PS3.. I assume our game will be coming in on one blu-ray disc.. "

This is trolling. It's an intentional prick statement made by a jerk for the sake of getting a rise out of people and for his own pathetic self-satisfaction.

"killzone 2 is crap" is an that a whole lot of us agree with.

For the record...yes, I know Commonsense. We both own and play our PS3s and 360s. and yes, the ps3 browser is not good. and yes, my PS3 only came with RCA cables.

Patriots_Pride3223d ago

CRazyglue - PS3 fans like you give the rest of a bad name.

Hope you enojoy your trolling life.

A-Glorious-Dawn3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

@Spydiggity LOL

you're hilarious, yeah I did say you are allowed to have preferences, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

but going around crying troll when it offends your preference is quite pathetic really isn't it? It's not that he didn't take a stance on a system, it's that he hid his stance while blaming the majority of N4G for not agreeing with his opinions.. I dug up that comment with ease! and it wasn't to belittle his preference, it was to highlight the hypocrisy in what he was commenting on.

I mean Crazyglues was joking and even apologized!! It was such a mild comment! yet you all still take such great offence! this is terrible behavior, lighten up a bit! If you prefer the 360 it's totally cool, but to call others fanboys when you are unable to criticize your favorite console is quite literally the very definition of hypocrisy..

You hide behind the 'its an opinion' argument when it's transparent that means very little to you, that's why you get offended and feel the need to defend yourself and others that share your shallow view!

I mean just look at your history!

""anyone that buys a ps3 for the purpose of being able to play KZ3 is going to be hugely disappointed. it's god awful. i've already traded it.
ps3 fanboys will disagree, but anyone familiar with quality FPS will know this isn't one of them. "

"coming from sony's king excuse maker and apologist... thanks

apparently stating true opinions on here is "trolling" if it goes against the sony tards.""

so PS3 fanboys will disagree because they don't agree with you? so now if you happen to like killzone and think it's a good game that's not an 'opinion' like yours they are just fanboys????

Pixelworld said it perfectly to you back then:
""Yeah, that's why most reviews go against what you say, plus your asinine comment was censored.
Because your opinion is "true". ""

If you wan't people to respect your opinion on trolls, games or whatever, maybe you should start respecting other peoples opinions instead of labeling people who don't share your view...

so don't be surprised if people like you and common sense get called out, because you guys are just as bad as any fanboy on this site....

edit: I don't endorse any form of trolling and Crazyglue should have probably kept his trap shit, but still I feel the need to highlight the backwardness of this whole exchange..

Crazyglues3223d ago

@ Perjoss

I could tell you the real meaning of the logo but it would probably fly over your head. -(So let's just say I'm a PS3 Gamer)

@ CommonSense

This is a classic example of what I'm talking about... I don't even need to guess what system a fanboy like you supports... LoL

Let's try to use a little Common Sense since even though that's your name you didn't use any - I never said "he started it" because that would be stupid since I'm the first comment he is responding too.

2. I said don't take it personal, because that's not how I meant it, I said it as a little dig at 360, which clearly was too much for your immature 360 ego to handle.. "Little kid much"

3. - you said, " i've been coming to n4g for over 4 years and i've never seen those cop out comments the trolls/fanboys always make." -you do realize you contradicted your self - How do you know they always make those comments if you have never seen them before... *_*

I mean really, do you even read the stuff your writing..

As far as taking away someones bubbles for making a joke, I don't do that - because I'm not a 12 year old.. I'm a grown man. So it's pretty hard for me to act like a little kid.

-So before you can talk about the community actually growing up don't you think you have to first be a grown up.. -if your a mature gamer nothing I said should have upset you, but if your a little kid, then hell I'm sure the PS3 logo alone was enough to make you go, "flame on"

@ Spydiggity

Really, really, LoL.. so i'm trolling and I'm a jerk because I said that it's gotta hurt to have to find 15 gig's of free space on your 360..

but your not trolling because you stated, "killzone 2 is crap" is an that a whole lot of us agree with." and that means it's not trolling...

ok so let's use your logic because clearly a lot of people agree with me on it's going to be hard to find 15.1 gigs of free space on their 360 I guess by your definition that means it's not trolling, because that's an opinion that a lot of people seem to agree with...

- Have a nice day.. Player -don't take your gaming so serious, everything said here is not personal attack on 360 that needs you fanboys to come to the rescue, sometimes it just a joke, if you can't tell the difference then do what I do don't bother making a comment on it.

if I was really trolling and hating on xbox why would I comeback in the very next comment and say - To all my Xbox players I kid, I kid, I feel your pain...


Spydiggity3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

you would think, as a "grown man," that you'd have better things to do than to leaf through dozens of comments just to find some examples to prove a pretty weak point.

but perhaps you are right...maybe in the past i have acted a bit out of character. but, when surrounded by such overwhelming stupidity, even the best of us will eventually lash out (especially after a few (many) beers).

Crazyglues, you're still a huge troll, and no amount of comment digging is going to change that. if i felt at all compelled to prove my point, i probably wouldn't have to do much digging in your comments. hell, i'm sure you've probably had half a dozen similar comments since this article.

if people were so certain that the only console they can afford was so great, they wouldn't need to constantly remind those of us who own both that their choice was the superior one. especially since no amount of irrational comments is going to change the mind of the people who are in it to enjoy games...and not worry about how many discs the game comes on.

A-Glorious-Dawn3223d ago


"but perhaps you are right...maybe in the past i have acted a bit out of character. but, when surrounded by such overwhelming stupidity, even the best of us will eventually lash out (especially after a few (many) beers"

Yeah anyone who does not share your opinion is overwhelmingly stupid..

I think the inherently stupid one is you.

And you can shift through all my comments, I will never belittle or attack other peoples opinions, It's clear I have a preference to the PC and PS3.. that's because those are the platforms I choose to play on, Most of the people I will call out are your kind. the kind that blame N4G's community for their own lack of perspective... the overtly hypocritical kind..

That said I do believe that not all opinions are equal, some opinions are just plain stupid..

Perjoss3223d ago

@ Crazyglues
"I could tell you the real meaning of the logo but it would probably fly over your head."

Try me.
but to be honest I'm not that interest in the meaning at all, I'm just super amused at the way you paste it into every post you make. If the meaning also explains why you add it every time then go ahead :)

dcbronco3223d ago


500gb drive and 490gb of mandatory installs.

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reznik_zerosum3224d ago

u really think 35 gigs is big for pc gamer ?

Braid3224d ago

Is there any game that takes more space than that on PC?

I don't remember any. RAGE required 25 gigs while it was 16 gigs for GTA V. This will probably be the game that takes the most hdd space up to date with a basic install, meaning, without mods and DLC.

Ducky3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

^ I think one of the ForceUnleashed games come close.

Then you have MMO's like GuildWars and some wonky games like AgeOfConan which break the 30gb mark.

GTA4 is actually around 32gb if you count the game+expansion.

Anyways, it isn't as big a deal because most PCs have a relatively big HardDrive compared to their stock console counterparts.
35gb is still hefty though.

TheGameFoxJTV3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Tera is about 34-35 GB, but it's a HD MMO. lol I mean, look at these textures.
Video is just for lolz, but it still looks pretty.

Frenza3223d ago


Tera online normally takes between 48 - 52 GB (mine was 54 GB total).

givemeshelter3223d ago

I have 4 TB drive in my gaming PC for example and s SSD128g
This is not an issue at all with PC gamers.

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Trenta273224d ago

This game will be amazing, especially if it has such a large hard drive space requirement.

MRMagoo1233223d ago

how on earth do you come to the conclusion the game will be good because it is big ??? could be full of shit could be badly made could suck balls badly.

Trenta273223d ago

When has Rockstar ever released a bad game?

LAWSON723224d ago

on pc you have a way bigger hard drive to hold games so i dont see a problem unlike alot of xbox gamers who have older xboxes and older hdds with hardly any memory

StayStatic3224d ago

Probably higher res textures , DX 11, and other PC specific stuff.

If it was the same size as the Xbox game i would be worried.

GamingPerson3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I hope this is why the pc version is more GB's!
"Max Payne 3 PC supports DirectX 11"

Plus steam will let me download 2 days in advance.
Better than having a 4gb xbox.

hiredhelp3223d ago

Better than PC anyway, I heard that it'd take a gigantic portion of 35 gigs from your hard drive on PC if you fully install the game.

Listen if i can run install shgun total war 2 games at nearly 20gb pop 35gb for a long awaited uncompressed fast data streaming 7200rpm with 64mb cach segate xt momentus.... Isnt gonna bother me as i have my other drives witch are all over 1tb.

You heard of dont bring a knife to a gun fight ? Unless you understand what some of us in this room already knows you wouldnt said that comment.

Now without reading the article am i right in saying consoles 15gb Well now i really am glad pre orderd from steam.

Persistantthug3223d ago

For 1.....PC is getting this game later than the consoles.

and 2....ROCKSTAR are more "CONSOLE FIRST" developers, and usually port said games to PC....and this game seems like that's what they are doing.

Personally, I'm getting this on PS3 on Tuesday, with the AMAZON 'day 1' discount......but that's just me. :)

theeg3223d ago

crazy how much native 1080p, 1200p, 1440p, 1600p, high res textures take up

plus the console versions will be popping in everywhere so that saves a ton of space, they will have ZERO anti aliasing, that saves space

the reason the pc version has more than double the data is because it will be more than double the quality

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donsterydo3224d ago

Singleplayer split between 2 DVD's so that you can't sell multiplayer or Singleplayer DVD, heh.

Godmars2903224d ago

Yeah, bit confusing that they split SP when they could have put it on one disc.

PersonMan3224d ago

They obviously COULDN'T put it on one disc, and that's why it's on two. Wow, do people ever think first?

Also, I'd rather have more single player content instead of a short game on one disc... although, I'm getting the PS3 version anyway, so I'll have only one disc.

Gamer30003224d ago

aren't that the same thing that happened with
Dead Space 2

KMCROC543224d ago

Kool, i can live with that.

ReconHope3224d ago

Hard Drive installs are made a big deal. But if you're like me you only play a game once, so it's not a big deal.

TheGameFoxJTV3223d ago

Why only once? I always miss things if I only do it once.

Persistantthug3223d ago

Since you are saying that with your games, you generally can't really be bothered and/or stand to play through again......
You must buy alot of crappy & mediocre games for your personal collection

ReconHope3223d ago

Let's see Metal gear solid 4, Red Dead Redempton, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Batman Arkham City, Portal 2... Yes very crappy games /sarcasm