Stronghold 3: Gold Edition Announced

DSOGaming writes: "Firefly Studios today announced that Stronghold 3: Gold Edition will be released on 25 May 2012 for PC and Mac. This new edition will bundle the latest version of Stronghold 3 with a new “Blackstaff” single player campaign. Stronghold 3: Gold Edition will also unlock all 12 historical sieges, previously only available through special editions of the game."

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ardivt4226d ago

there will never be a stronghold game as good as crusader :(


My Dealings with Excruciatingly Bad Games

John of GAMElitist.com - "I’ve been burned a few times when buying games. It happened more often when I was a kid. There were times where I spent around $20 on a game and ended up playing a slideshow or a very underdeveloped game that only hooked me because of its fantastic box art."

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shodan744114d ago

Great article. The worst game purchase I ever made was that horrible Street Fighter: The Movie game when the PlayStation first launched. It was my first ever console - a leap forward in possibility - and I could have had WipEout, or Tekken. Nope. Shitty, awful Street Fighter: The Movie it was. Uggh.


Stronghold 3: Gold Edition Arrives on Mac

Firefly Studios and 7Sixty have confirmed that the Mac version of Stronghold 3: Gold Edition is now available. The Mac version of Stronghold 3: Gold Edition has been developed by Mac specialists Virtual Programming, it will feature all the content contained in its PC counterpart alongside cross-platform multiplayer with PC users.

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Stronghold 3 Update Rebalances Economic Systems

FireFly Studios has released a new update for castle construction simulator Stronghold 3, which owners of the game can now download on Steam. This update rebalances the economic systems and makes a number of other tweaks and fixes.

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