GNT Review: Silent Hill Homecoming

GNT: Often seen as the pinnacle of psychological horror, Silent Hill has been in the hands of many different developers since Team Silent was disbanded after Silent Hill 4: The Room was released. Since then, many fans think that the series has ‘jumped the shark’, with western developers not understanding what made the series so unique and special in the first place. With this in mind, I approached Silent Hill: Homecoming -developed by Double Helix Games- with caution, preparing to be disappointed, expecting a sub-par experience. However, I can now safely say that these fears were completely unfounded. Homecoming is a fantastic game in it’s own right, and while it may take a different approach than the previous iterations, it is still a great addition to the Silent Hill franchise.

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Valenka2441d ago

Rather late to review Homecoming...

joebrown2441d ago

Never too late. Call it ... a bargain bin review.
so... Chillax

Skate-AK2441d ago

Haha random. I'd re-buy it if it had trophies.

BootHammer2441d ago

LOL...bargain bin review. Nothing wrong with that. This is such a great series. I actually didn't play this one so I'll see if I can't pick it up cheap for some classic survival horror goodness.