Shuttle's $199 Linux PC

Shuttle introduced its $199 KPC Linux PC at CES on Tuesday. It'll have an Intel Celeron processor, a 945GC chipset, 512MB of memory and either a 60GB or 80GB hard drive. What it won't have: an optical drive or a PCI Express slot. Despite that, it's a pretty good-looking box, and comes in red, blue, white, and black, each with a different icon stamped on the front.

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bootsielon3934d ago

For educational institutions, that is. Hopefully this will raise the number of game programers we get to see in the future, and will end Microshaft's monopoly in the classroom and if possible in corporate environments.

Prismo_Fillusion3934d ago need to buy the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers? That'll run you up to probably $350 for really cheap version of each of those 4 components. Dunno, I'm half speaking out of my ass, but it's stuff worth bringing up since the cheapest on the Dell line are around $400.

FamilyGuy3933d ago

keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers $350?
You're outta your mind. You can get a nice 17in monitor for under $200 and a nice keyboard $20, mouse $10 and Speakers $15

Where the hell do you live? And you could buy most of that stuff from biglots for under $10 each.