Sweeney Talks Cell Difficulties, PS3 Online Inclusivity

Epic CEO Sweeney stated that he had a "very positive opinion of multi-core processors", noting: "For the first 30 years of our industry, CPUs would increase by a factor of 2 every 18 months... It's clear that all future increases in processing powers will come via having more cores."

But he did comment specifically on how difficult it is to program for multi-core processors and the even more complex Cell chip used in the PlayStation 3. He noted that it "takes about twice the effort and development cost to develop for a multi-threaded CPU", compared to a single-core CPU. Even more than that, according to Epic's analysis, fully exploiting the PS3 Cell chip "required about 5 times as much cost and development time than single-core."

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RuffRyder5850d ago

Thats the biggest load a bull iv heard so far.
Ummm XNA anyone...

gsquad5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

Ummm XNA is not real yet for maps and skins on FPS! At lest not for the general public. Realistically we right now have a community of mod-ers that create user content in the general public via tools provided buy Epic and the like on the PC. This I what I think he meant when he said that and I quote

“…..Of course you'll need a PC to create levels for the upcoming UT2007 for PS3/PC, but Sweeney believes that everything will be in place so that modders can make new levels on the PC, "download them to the PlayStation 3, and distribute them online." end quote

He is referring to the existing online mod community. M$ has (and I quote "Unfortunately it's more of a closed platform" end quote) made a system that is not open to THAT TYPE of mod-er. This doesn’t mean that X360 isn’t open to another type of mod-er just not to the public community in its current form.

achira5850d ago

"required about 5 times as much cost and development time than single-core."

??? five times, how did he find this ???

lets start the bashing again !!!

Dusk5850d ago

that Sweeney is very favorable toward Sony while Cliffy is very favorable toward Microsoft. It doesn't bother me at all, as each person should be allowed their favorites. However, Sweeney shouldn't twist things around when talking about either company. Microsoft has already announced that XNA will allow user made content on the 360. Therefore, Sweeney is somewhat caught in a lie. However, what he may be refering to is that Sony just leaves everthing up to the developer, while Microsoft takes a more hands on approach. Some companies, those with less money and assets, appreciate Microsofts assistance. Others, such as Epic, that develop things outside of just games may want to do things more on their own. Maybe this is what he means, as Epic could view Microsoft's hands on approach as constricting. If he means Sony is allowing user made content, while Microsoft is not, then he is just plain wrong.

Dusk5850d ago

First off, he isn't the only developer to say this. Most of them do, except for the Sony affiliates of course. Secondly, Epic is working on games for the single core, dual core, the 360's triple core, and the PS3's Cell. Therefore, Epic, unlike companies just developing for the 360 only or the PS3 only, is in a very good position to compare. Sweeney is very pro-Sony, so I don't think he'd lie to bash them as he has mentioned before that he prefers Sony over Microsoft.

TheXgamerLive5850d ago

What the heck is this guy meaaning, uhmmm doesn't he remember something quite unique to console gaming that "NO"other is doing and others only would like to do...XBOX 360 and XNA !!

It will do that very thing and do it with open arms.
Maybe this article is actually like 6 months old, otherwise the man is a moron.

andy capps5850d ago

Yes, but that is for people making games that will be downloadable over Xbox Live after they have gone through the approval process and all. He is talking about users being able to create different maps, very easily, and then share them with their friends. He's talking about the open PC type FPS mods (Half Life 2, Unreal Tournament games, etc). I've played probably 100 maps on Half Life 2 because Steam opened the assets and code to everyone so they could make their own maps, it's great. Instead of only having 10-15 developer created maps, you have 10-15 developer created maps, and 20-100 user created maps.

TheXgamerLive5850d ago

I disagree on that, what's good and what's smart is two totally different things and MS is doing it the right way I think.

andy capps5850d ago

I disagree. As long as you have some good anti-cheat tools and good accountability with the devs, it's fine. I agree much more with the open model that Sony is having, provided that they still have the unified gamer id, messaging, etc...

gsquad5850d ago

you are talking about hackers jumping in the game like people were doing with Xbox and Halo2 (trainer pack anyone) I agree it's not smart but the PC community has dealt with this easily, you just add checks on the servers to not let cheaters in. It’s the same thing that M$ did with the Xbox. But I would like to see the extra maps and skins. On top of that I don’t prefer to play with people that I don’t know anyways. Too much cursing and not enough good sportsmanship.

TheXgamerLive5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

There is positives and negatives to each and I see that MS will have alot of new maps etc.. but will do it in a much safer and community friendlier way as with "Live Anywhere.' It will open up most everything in a better and safer new way for XBOX 360 consoles,and PC's

andy capps5850d ago

It comes down to preference. If you're fine playing 10 of the same levels for a while, and then the dev releases one new level that you have to pay $3-5 for, then that's fine. I would think about paying that much or maybe a little more for an expansion, but for downloadable maps, user created is fine (and free) for me. I've never had a problem with hackers on the FPS's I've played, granted I've never played Counter Strike much (haha), but I've heard of horrible cheating on Halo 2 online. It's going to happen anywhere, but the blocks that PC servers (and presumably, servers for PS3) will be able to put in should be fine. I think of it this way, if the devs are happy to have the more open online service like the PS3, versus the closed online service with the Xbox 360, then great. You also have to keep in mind that Sweeney is coming from a PC background where online is open, and so it stands to reason that he'd prefer the PS3.

drewdrakes5850d ago

Who said anything about the user-sharing content being free? Do they not have microtransactions? Meaning people could make money of the content they create?

TheXgamerLive5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

That's one area where your going to be milked big time is that anything played, downloaded, watched, added, etc... anything at all, sony has it "OPENED" for you to be charged. And charged big you will be. This is why your online wont be a success, atleast not until sony can finally do it's online as MS has done and they will eventually, but they dont have the time or experience to pull it off for now.

No my friend, sony's so called open system wont be a good thing, you'll be milked for any and every thing you want, 10 new maps that were hacked, sure, $10.00 please. Additional online content from a lets say GTA 4, free? LOL, no way, you'll pay big time.But your not getting GTA 4 additional or online LIVE features so it doesn't really matter. Mute point in sony's case.

andy capps5850d ago

Why would they charge for user (not developer) created content? PC users don't have to pay for it, and that's the analogy that Mark Rein was drawing between the PC and the PS3. Sony has been working on the online system for PS3 for over 3 years now, I'd hope that they have a decent system by this point.

Oh yes, you can expect to pay for developer created content, like on Xbox Live, but user created content should be free like it is on the PC. It's like this, you do a search for open multiplayer matches. The results show the name of the map, the amount of players in it, the type of multiplayer game, etc. You click on the game if you wish to join, and if the map isn't on your harddrive or the game disc, then it will download it. Simple as that, unless if it's developer created it would probably prompt you at that point to confirm you wish to buy it. You guys are making this too hard, you're thinking of it in terms of Xbox Live, where you have pay several dollars for an extra suit of horse armor in Oblivion that decays over time... PS3 users may have those things too, but we're also going to have user created content (and there's no reason to think that you would be charged for that, as PC users are not).

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