Forget the Wii, Zcam on the way

This device should be the new means of playing in the Wii sense of Gameplay.

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KeiZka5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

I still fail to see means to grab on things with that system... Can you seemingly drop a controller, like in one minigame in WarioWare? Doubt it. Can you "press a button" to do a function that is not doable by gestures? Nope.

But approved nonetheless. Wording could be a bit better though... One should at least try to remain objective (fad, that is to be seen. Still not showing any fadlike qualities).

mikeslemonade5441d ago

How do we know if this is for PS3?

Also using a controller with the zcam would allow you to press buttons when the gestures can't do whatever. You aren't limited to just the camera. Nonetheless this technology is long overdue. This type of gaming should be here already. This should have been new during like 2002.

Shankle5441d ago

Looks very limited. The wiimote can do this and more.

Iceman100x5441d ago

No wait they just made a typo, and don't worry i corrected it here is the proper spelling Z-scam :)

pkb795441d ago

Eyetoy was on PS2 years ago. Motion tracking is not new but that boxing game does look fun. Surprised their isn't already something out to go with the PS Eye.

Foliage5441d ago

This is going to throw the Wii fans off. Seeing actual accuracy and meaning to your movements must not be comprehensible to them.

I remember playing Wii sports sitting down randomly waving my hand diagonally and people got mad because they couldn't beat me in their boxing stance working up a sweat.

At least Red Steel was flawless.

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The story is too old to be commented.