Fresh Screens From Fatal Inertia

Zoomin' fast shots of Koei's upcoming PlayStation 3 combat racer. Gorgeous environments shown with lush colourful details.

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andy capps5850d ago

Looking great, where's the fanboys saying that everything on the PS3 is green, brown, and lacking brilliant colors.. This game looks great, maybe there is hope for Unreal Engine beyond FPS's. From seeing this I would actually like to see it used in other games than FPS's more often. Anytime one engine is used so much it just gets repetitive and you wonder what the devs could have done if they had to come up with their own engine that is specialized for their particular game and console. Just some thoughts.

PS360WII5850d ago

I like what I'm seeing here. Looks like it'll be fun to play

Bhai5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

...of Japanese devs is that they utilize the same engine for several aspects, and not only typical basic genres. Its really great to see Coded Arms Assault being run on Unreal Engine and it was quite a while after I came to know that Fatal Inertia was being made from the same engine as well. Its really skillful of them as to shift the art style so much that the underlying technology gets hidden. Every game gives a fresh new look and that's what is really awesome !!!

kewlkat0075850d ago

That unreal engine is unreal...wonder why people like it so much. It gives games a certain look to them.

The Chef5850d ago

I dont even know what to say that looks so amazing... This are truly some of the most incredible gameplay screens i have ever seen.

BadTaste5850d ago

You and PS3 Ultimate are just a couple of big GEEKS!

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