Hands-off with Guitar Wizard, the real guitar Guitar Hero

All you grumps unable to appreciate the pleasures provided by plastic instruments coupled to a gaming console were undoubtedly thrilled when Engadget told you about the Guitar Wizard (because Heroes are zeros, right?). Engadget stopped by the Guitar Wizard booth at CES and, while they weren't going to let them shred on their setup (which is a good thing, unless their faces were meltproof), Engadget did snag some pics and video along with some more details on the product. It's shipping sometime in August or this Fall for about $150 for the MIDI controller and software package, or $300 for the whole package which includes a real Washburn guitar.

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Stray_Wulf5619d ago

Now THATS more like it. I respect Guitar Hero n all but when people start saying "OMG Im so good at guitar i can play the whole song n stuff (on guitar hero)" it just ticks me off... SO now those douchebags can learn REAL guitar :)

kr90915619d ago

Yea I totally agree with you! I have been playing guitar for almost 6 years now and I can't even play some of the songs in guitar hero in real life! But some of these people are like OH YEA I CAN PLAY THE WHOLE SONG!!! but in reality they couldn't even play the intro to it on real guitar.

Back on subject, I absolutely love this interface! You can set it to one string for beginners or multiple strings for advanced users! absolutely amazing! and it is priced right too!

JsonHenry5619d ago

I am going to learn to play guitar!!!!

Tsukasah5619d ago

but you can do this, or learn the real way with tabs or if you want to... sheet music. Like I did. Im tired of all these guitar hero/rock band pricks OHHH! i can play that song all the way through on expert! They say that as i play the intro on my guitar. I hand htem my guitar and tell them to play it. They play it the GH way, sounds nothing like it. >.>

kg73105619d ago

I always wanted this kinda stuff xD

DrPirate5619d ago

I dunno, the concept is nice, but I just don't see it happening.

I learned with tabs, and spending half-hour segements practicing just a single bar when I was starting off. When I got that bar, I movedo n to the next, and etc.

With this, I slowly developed the coordination and the muscles, and my eyes learned to read the tab faster and I got faster at translating what was on the sheet into hand movements....

Staircase5619d ago

Pshaw. I have both GH and a Real guitar and can barely play either. >.>