What Type of People did Bioware Base Mass Effect Aliens On?!

Before we begin on this very touchy subject, let me preface anything you read here by saying this. I am basing my findings on experience and speculation, when which combined do not make a good product. This opinion piece/editorial does not represent the views of talkingaboutgames or any of its representatives. This is my attempt to make sense of some truly well written alien races. Don’t blame me, blame Bioware for making me think this way. Also you can blame society for teaching me these stereotypes. Some of it’s humorous, some of it is not.

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Xbot3603224d ago

OMFG is an understatement!

zeal0us3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Reapers being white people and Batarians being AL-Qaeda LMAO.

Guess from this prospective the Mexican pissed Al Qaeda off by destroying their star system. Hey guess AL Qaeda had weapons of massive destruction after all. Bush was right all along.

Spydiggity3224d ago Show
GiggMan3224d ago

Democrats is a race??? I'm confused....

Gaming1013224d ago

The Hanar are always polite when speaking - I take it the person who wrote this has never been to France or intereacted with any French people lol

The only reason Shephard is known as "loco" is because the guy who game him that nickname as an offhand joke was Mexican.

Sounds to me like the author was Peurto Rican, as he himself seems to continuously note that PR's hate people from the Dominican. He also doesn't seem to know his history, as white people definitely weren't the first people to have slaves, and as far as I can tell Africans aren't extinct either, you'd think he would have said "Mayans" for the Protheans.

Vaud-Villian3224d ago

@giggman just as much as French is a race

Article clearly states "types of people" which is not limited to race, nationality, political alignment or soda preference.

crxss3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

lol what da fuk kind of article is this??

the sheer quality of SoldierX's work is remarkable....................

it's sh!t like this that makes the endings seem good.

ThankYou_KindSir3223d ago

Give me the author's full real name.

ThankYou_KindSir3223d ago

If anyone knows the article's author, give me his full real name.

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Simon_Brezhnev3224d ago

Reapers part made me LMFAO. Will probably get a lot of disagrees but idc. LMFAO

Prothean part is right on the spot.

pixelsword3224d ago

I read it... it was meh; I read much funnier stuff, maybe because if he didn't try to blame others for his own thoughts it might have been funnier (it just smacks of weak-mindedness) but whatever.

Ironically, I do agree about the part about the Protheans because before slavery the African Americans are most related to the group of Moorish Hebrews which ruled Europe for 500 years; just like the Protheans had a galactic empire.

Simon_Brezhnev3224d ago

I figured u would agree with Prothean.

RedDead3224d ago

French - no spine

An article made on Stereotypes.

kneon3224d ago

Just remember that without support from the French the USA would probably have remained a British colony.

mynameisEvil3224d ago

Please explain how. I must've missed that little bit in my history classes throughout school, but I don't remember the French really doing anything with the US.

Don't misinterpret me, please. I'm not being a smart-ass, I'm legitimately asking you to explain because I don't remember the French helping.

kneon3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Their main assistance came from their navy, providing supplies and harassing the British ships.

They did also land troops but I don't recall if there were significant numbers of French ground troops.

But perhaps their biggest contribution was as a result of being one of, if not the first country to recognize the US independence in 1778. There was a US-French treaty signed that basically said they would help each other out against the British, I can't remember the details. Shortly after that the British declared war on France forcing them to split resources between two wars.

Had the British been able to focus solely on the US and had the US not had the assistance of France it could have turned out very differently. At a minimum it would have gone on much longer.

NegativeCreepWA3223d ago

And we returned the favor by keeping them from speaking German. We took our time too help, but then again so did they.

joebeta3224d ago

Oddly, some of it makes sense.

Xbot3603224d ago

I'm sure it is written as a joke. But damn some of this stuff is spot on...Lol no spine!


passive aggressive former south american COD players with a grasp of english insults....