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Campaign is a missed opportunity, but multiplayer shines

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XboxInnovation3333d ago

I don't see this game selling much at all until the PS3 players put down their Call of Duty and Battlefield.

ilikestuff3333d ago

game looks good, beta was awesome, never played anything quite like it. ill get it when i have a few dimes to rub together

Hicken3333d ago

Starhawk isn't really aimed at the CoD/Battlefield crowd, tbh. And plenty of people will be migrating from Warhawk- yeah, they still play- to grab the new game.

ShaunCameron3333d ago

Actually the game won't sell much with Max Payne 3 just around the corner.

Kinger89383333d ago

2nd time ive seen a comment like yours, i dont play cod since cod4 and play bf3 on pc an have been waiting for a new multiplayer ps3 game and this is it! The only reason it may not sell too well is that there is little to no push behind it, they'd rather premote black ops 2 already than a game out this week its stupid! Well those people will miss out :(

Ahh well sales dont matter to me aslong as theres enough people playing! The warhawk community is still buzzing loads of servers up so this may last a long time!

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the worst3333d ago

this game is totally way overrated
the Campaign is a joke.
the multiplayer is not as fun as warhawk

M-M3333d ago

Lol how is this game overrated? Warhawk and Starhawk(currently, still time to wait and see) were underrated.

Kinger89383333d ago

Someones either trolling or getting pwned online! Ill admit in the beta i wasnt gold to start with but stuck with it and got the hang of the flying and building after several games and the experiance turned around completely! Dot need single player imo i wish they could review it based only on multiplayer