IGN Overall game of the year

IGN put up their overall game of the year on 1/11/08. Lets not forget that gamers won in 2007.

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Greysturm3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

It was the best rated game on the best selling console and is accesible for all audiences.

As much as mature gamers hate the little guy because they no longer find him interesting the world as a whole still sees him as the epitome of gaming and his adventures shall continue to be more ifluential on all gamers than our beloved goretastic shooters and rpgs.

hotshot1273935d ago

but i suppose it deserved it.

Prismo_Fillusion3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy: The most underrated game on N4G (lots of Mario hating here)

I'm happy it won a GOTY award, even though I don't really believe in such things. But if you've played SMG you know that while it doesn't have a deep story or fighting system or scoring system, it's one of the most mindlessly fun games in recent history. When I'm playing I can totally just zone out and have fun, and that sentiment should not be underestimated by the "hardcore" gaming community. There's something good to be said of complex games, but there's plenty of positivity left in simpler gameplay.

Guwapo773935d ago

I own the game and don't really care for it. The Bee Suit was pretty lame. Overall though, it's not a bad game. I think graphics are holding me back. Yeah I know the fundamental basis for all it fun. Yeah...there is no denying it, but I just can't get into it because if feels like I did a time warp.

Its like going back to FF7 and thought, sweet geezus this is awesome, look at those graphics (the storyline will always be one of the best). Now if I go back to it...I'd be too busy looking at those big block characters instead of enjoying the game.

This is just me though...

hotshot1273935d ago

REMEMBER, they HATE a game that they think is kiddy or something that doesnt have blood and gore

kewlkat0073934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

viva pinata.

I have Mario Galaxy and currently liking it. It's a platformer and I like the way you play it. It's somewhat different. I didn't get the game expecting blood or gore, unless you count stomping on the heads of characters such violent.

I know why I got all 3 consoles. they offer games I will not be able to play on either platform. If I had to pick Id go with "Bioshock" The only thing that is so different with Mario is the way you control him. I think your more immersed in a game such "BioShock" where you make decisions that decides the outcomes.

coltsfreak183935d ago

i guarantee most people that play COD4 like it more, but game of the year should appeal to more audiences. SMG is the only one on that list that isn't M, and you have to keep in mind that A LOT of people can not play M rated games. that is my .02

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