TGS: Wii For The Win? According to Famitsu Publisher and Japanese Analysts

Speaking at a news conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in Tokyo on Thursday, Hamamura stressed that the Wii-mote's intuitive handling is likely to allow Nintendo to attract people that have never played on a games console before, noting that "if one member of a family is a gaming fan, others in the family will be easily drawn into trying out computer games." Which is of course the overriding message we've been hearing from Nintendo for the best part of the last year.

Hamamura continued, "I believe there will be big sales (for the Wii) from the very beginning. I feel this growth will slow a little from the third year, but altogether the sales will exceed 10 million units," he said, basing his assertions on figures from an Enterbrain survey of 2,500 Japanese gamers.

Speaking about the PlayStation 3, Hamamura noted that: "The impressive feature with the PlayStation 3 is the outstanding graphics and outstanding price... Brand image [for the PlayStation 3] is very high, and half the people we surveyed said they wanted one, but when we ask if they will buy one many say that it's too expensive and that they'll wait until the price drops."

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Yo Wassap5847d ago (Edited 5847d ago )

it's a good inexpensive, innovative console which will sell very well in Japan. I just wonder how people will react to it in say Europe where many of the game styles adopted by Ninty are not as popular. This will sell well but maybe not as well as they predict, i probably stand to be corrected though.

ChickeyCantor5847d ago

nintendo sells great in europe...mario and zelda that is

Yo Wassap5847d ago

i was just saying that it doesn't sell as well, not that it doesn't sell. Of course it will sell it just won't be as bigger hit as in japan. Anyway i haven't any problems with the games.

There so what's the point of getting angry?

ChickeyCantor5846d ago

not angry just the way i talk :P