Soul Calibur IV - Will the Star Wars Risk Pay Off?

Daniel from Product Reviews writes:

"Game publisher Namco have taken a massive risk by including Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur IV, some say it's great to see a brand take a risk while others cannot make the connection of Star Wars to Soul Calibur IV."

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Greysturm3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Its unbalanced, flashy and unrealistic why do people care what the developers put it in to make it more of the only thing it has fun? Regarding the storyline comment, link Spawn and heihachi were really into the storyline of soul calibur 2 right?

Just adding those characters made that game profile rise and added interest to the franchise.

lynx1halo3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

he will make YODA and all others HIS B!TCHES

games4fun3929d ago

is not unbalanced, in fact it is very balanced and the block parry system is the best use ive seen i think its a great fighter thats the reason why people will buy regardless of who they add i play it because of the original characters i will destroy you guys with mitsurugi he is the best imo

barom3929d ago

these are all bonus characters. it won't affect the already established fanbase of Soul Calibur. It can draw in new fans thus this is a win-win situation.

BloodySinner3929d ago

If you want an unbalanced fighter, try playing any of the recent 3D Mortal Kombat fighting games before shamelessly attacking Soul Calibur.

n_n3929d ago

but this Star Wars add surely had me interested in the game... don't know if i'd actually buy the game since i'm not a big Fighter gamer, but the addition of Darth and Yoda made it more appealing to me

Bonsai12143929d ago

the fact that you can't pit yoda and vader against each other turns me off. but then again, its not a fact yet..

i'm hoping you can have the two duke it out

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Laexerias3929d ago

who cares, my man is maxi.

BLUR1113929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

soul calibur is the by far the best fighting game ever just the gameplay itself and a cool fantasy story. I think its a good idea to put some ol star wars into the mix plus 2 was awsome but 3 was much better and it didnt have special fighters like spawn and link so 4 will be amazing no matter what...oh this will crush tekken also

tonsoffun3929d ago

No more risky than including spawn or link in the earlier versions......

Jinxstar3929d ago

Its all about Mitsurugi.

Seriously though I'm sure they are unlockable and not open from the begining. I also believe Vadar and Yoda would love to get their hands on those swords so no worries. Fits the story perfectly =P

PS360WII3929d ago

I'm sure only Star Wars fanatics are upset over it. Seeing that Vadar and Yoda should be able to kill all the SC people with only a thought...

I think it's a great idea and exclusive characters keeps a game (fighting games specaily) fresh. It'll be pretty slick playing either or of them and should be a hoot ^^

SC was never about being fair it was about having anyone pick up that controller and play.

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