Gizmoron Runs Amok At CES - Another Strike Against Bloggers?

While representing Gizmodo, a very large and popular gadget blog, Richard Blakeley decided to run around with a gadget called "TV-B-Gone" turning off TVs at the CES convention. Rich is now banned for life from all future CES conventions. Will this have an adverse effect on bloggers and blogging sites in terms of access to future events?

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ENNO5434d ago

Richard Blakeley decided to run around with a gadget called "TV-B-Gone" turning off TVs at the CES convention.

is he 12?

belfastga5434d ago

They also got in trouble for linking people to Tubgirl (I think) on Kotaku during their HALO 3 matchup.

There's a fine line between griefing and being an ass, and I don't think Gizmodo quite knows where it is.

Skerj5434d ago

Ok the tubgirl thing was hilarious, my ex did it to me a looooooong time ago.

WilliamRLBaker5434d ago

I loved that whole prank it was freaking AWESOME!

LJWooly5434d ago

No, it wasn't. And the fact that Gizmodo got banned from next year's CES enforces that point.

For all you know, it could've cost someone their proffesional credibility, or even their job. Not so funny.

WilliamRLBaker5434d ago

still funny as hell no matter what you say, all them being banned said is we dont have a sense of humor. its not like the tv's we're down 24/7 about 5 minutes of downtime combined is what happend.

LinuxGuru5434d ago

Naturally, one of the most immature persons on this website would LOVE a prank like that.

MILLIONS of dollars were poured into CES, only to have it F*CKED with by some stupid Jackass-Movie reject.

joten5434d ago

"still funny as hell"

The TVs on the floor for a couple of minutes were fine it was just innocent fun. But when you start turning off the TVs at a major company's conference that's where it becomes disrespectful and rude. it makes the company look unprofessional and could cause some bad press. so i am glad gizmodo got banned they need to learn where to draw the line.

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jackdoe5434d ago

I don't think other bloggers will be affected. Just Bloggers from Gawker media. But if indeed, other bloggers are affected negatively, well, they know where to send the hate mail.

Noodlecup5434d ago

Whoever came up with that deserves to be banned from earth for being unfunny.

Nostradavis5434d ago

Gizmoron is now a part of Wikipedia. It is so true.

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