CES: Casual Execs On The Future Of 'Short Session' Play

Casual gaming is now clearly more than a fad or a movement -- it's here to stay, and companies are thoroughly exploring this entirely new demographic of gamers. And the format's rise to industry presence has created a slate of issues unique to casual gaming -- how will it be monetized? What role will community elements play? How will users access that content, and how will it integrate with the broader sphere of entertainment media?

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eddierivera3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

they are the reason why the gaming industry isnt focusing %100 percent of their resources to the AAA titles we want. The gaming industry is all about money, and its funny cause if they cared about what we wanted, and gave us the %100 percent they had, then they would be making more money by turning casual gamers into hardcore gamers,, They dont have to water down games to appeal to casual gamers,, they need to make wicked games that kick so much butt, that they cant be denied how cool they are,,, and for referance to casual gamers not being skilled enough for certain genres, thats what the options menu is for,, advanced controls, and then user friendly controls,,, do we the public have to do everything for these over paid juggernauts? They are so rich they cant even think straight anymore, they lost common sense and I think money causes retardation in the brain,, if i were president, I would rule this gaming industry.

eddierivera3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

That sounds like a word that someone would use to make a crappy product look good. There is a bigger movement than the one this topic is about,, its a movement that is undermining the corporate stage. Why do you think casual gamers are casual? Its cause they dont feel like playing as much,, why do you ask? cause the games out right now just have not been appealing to them because ,honestly,, most games are just a bunch of over hyped garbage, and when played, it only takes a lil common sense to tell that they suck.. Casual gamers are just hardcore gamers waiting for that killer game,, and they dont even know it yet,, because most of them havent played that game that they totally enjoy. Short session? That just seems like an excuse to make a half assed game, another way of marketing games. They arent trying to appeal to anyone.