Pastures New: ‘Terraria’ Is Coming To Android

Terraria has quite the large following on the PC but can it replicate that success as a mobile game?

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Snookies122410d ago

Ugh at this, I mean that's great for Android users, but they should make a 3DS and Vita version as well, that would be so sweet...

Wraithkal2410d ago

That just might happen if the Android port does well. Never know with those mobile developers.. they're a cryptic bunch

Snookies122410d ago

Let's hope! Terraria was such a fun game, logged over 80 hours into it just from messing around with friends.

Spenok2410d ago

You would think systems like the Vita and 3DS would be the first thing on their lists to release these games on. It just makes FAR more sense.

VanillaBear2410d ago

I just can't believe the PC version won't get any more updates and it hadn't even been out for a year.

Redigit left the game months after hyping up a load of amazing ideas he wanted to include after the massive 1.1 patch, just so he could spend more time with his new born son......WAIT.....before you think I'm being selfish, this is a guy who works roughly 6/8 a WEEK on his computer doing updates for Terraria...and he thinks he needs more time for his son who is probably in the room next to him. Dads would love to have that job, I know people who work two jobs but still find the time to spend time with their new born child. I just can't believe he can't put in at least an hour a day on continuing the game.

Forbidden_Darkness2410d ago

Quit your complaining, seriously. You spent $10 dollars on the game and you still got loads of FREE content for it after launch. How many games now a days can you say that have done that? Hell, i've put more time into the game than most $60 games, so let him choose what he wants to do and shut the hell up. He actually loves his new born and wants to spent as much time as possible with him, not like alot of parent now a days who neglect watching their child grow up.

recninja2410d ago

I agree, I mean all the parent wants is to spend more time on a game. Gosh, the game is only $10.

It's not the same with Minecraft, so stop comparing it. It's a bit sad, but I think the game is still going to do just fine.

user54670072410d ago

You do realise people usualy work 8-10 hours a day and still get to have time with their child

He only works a couple of hours a day on Terraria so it's not like he's "neglecting" his son.

Why are you sticking up for him, if he worked all day everyday, away from his son like most fathers then fair enough but he's going to spend a lot of time with him anyway, the guy works at home and works for himself, them two things alone make it easy for him.

user54670072410d ago

I know right

I wouldn't of cared as much if it was a good excuse why he wanted to leave but the whole "I need to spend time with my child" was poor.

I mean what about when the baby is asleep during the day, could he not of worked of Terraria then. When the baby wakes up go look after him.

It's not like he's a single parent, he has a wife. I feel like he made enough money as he could of and just though "stuff it".

With his two "friends" working on Starbound now I think they left him out of the loop and without them he couldn't be arsed to do Terraria by himself.

Ducky2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Coding isn't exactly as simple as spending time in front of a computer.

That, and the game is cheap, and a lot of fun can be gotten out of it. I really don't see how you can be any position to criticize how he chooses to live his life.

VanillaBear2410d ago

Well considering he's actual said himself on the fourms that he dosen't find it hard..."easiest job in the world" as he puts it and the fact he's promised us things on there aswell, I think he owes us a little. We got Terraria where it is today, the game hasn't even been out a year and he dumps it.

Oh and if he wants to spend time with his son why did he say he might start on a new project...contradicting himself.

I'm not saying how he should run his life so please don't twist my words so you can be a white knight and defend the crap out of him. The guy deseres it, at least when Notch left Minecraft he hired Jeb to take over.

TheModernKamikaze2410d ago

I will try this on my android.