Don't Fall for PC Hardware Myths in 2008

I'm sure at some point, either you or someone you know fell sucker to some marketing line that made them dish out extra cash for something they don't need. This is alarmingly common on the PC hardware scene, where you need to realize that buying a $500 video card isn't going to make your 8-year-old computer into a top-of-the-line machine.

And while that sort of misunderstand might have become common knowledge in recent years, there's plenty of other confusing marketing speak to be aware of. Tech ARP has compiled a list of PC hardware myths to avoid in '08. If you're the type to consider picking up new computer hardware, it's definitely something you'll want to read – you never know if it might save you some money.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3932d ago

When I sell a computer, I ask the customer what they want to spend and then I work with them from there. Not everyone can afford top notch but I can get them close to it and well enough to play this years games fairly good. If they don't need it I don't sell it to them, a gamer who plays World of Warcraft or Age of Empires III won't need a hardcore gaming rig, they will do well with somthing as low as $350. If they wan,t to play some of todays top noch shooters then I can get them started aroung $500-$600 and they will be playing Rainbowsix Vegas, Bioshock or COD4. Somtimes you don't need to update your whole rig, just a couple things here and there are your ready to go.

JsonHenry3932d ago

I build my own PCs. I sometimes forget that other people can be scammed into some of those kinds of marketing ploys. : (

LinuxGuru3932d ago

That article is spot-on.

I agree on all points. I know many people who blindly rush out and buy 500 dollar video cards, expecting it to reinvent the wheel in terms of how their games play.

ElfShotTheFood3932d ago

It's not hard to put together a really good PC on a small budget; you just have to do some research beforehand instead of rushing out and buying the most expensive components.

TrevorPhillips3931d ago

sometimes u gotta trust ur self then trusting the employee cause its better to choose ur own hardware on the net that u wanna add to ur pc then goin to pc shops and buying a pc from there cause it will be expensive and crap better for u to build ur own 1 because i bought a pc b4 from the pc shops brang it home and got wrecked in a few weeks but when i bought another build up one it was perfectly in good condition had it for 1yr now =]