Ratchet & Clank Trilogy Delayed In Europe

It sucks to be European right now as one of Sony’s most impressive franchises has been unexpectedly delayed.

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Hx3KinG2356d ago

"it sucks to be european right now"...? this dumbass being serious? americans dont get it until the fall! its only a week or so delay, lol.

Lucreto2356d ago

Yes he is acting stupid 2 or 3 weeks extra is nothing.

"it sucks to be european right now" don't know why he said that since the US don't have a release date.

ColinZeal2356d ago

A week or so?

More like 3 weeks propably. Just before the Euros. That SUCKS! Unbelievably bad timing. For europeans that is.

Hx3KinG2355d ago

so? its just 3 three weeks possible weeks. how is that "unbelievably bad timing? lol. were you just watching the clock ready for release day? and now realise you gotta watch it longer? good god, its not that far least compared to the American laucnch.

ColinZeal2354d ago

Just like I said, I will not have time to play these games as the Euros are on when the release is.
Euros = European Championships. That´s real Football

And this was the only release I was looking forward to in May.

deletingthis346753342356d ago


You are still getting this long before the country the games were developed in would. Anybody crying over a week of delay is an idiot.

arbitor3652356d ago

im still pissed that we arent getting it in the US until fall